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    I dont get the hype with Collison. People dropping starters for a guy that will NOT be a starter in 1 to 2 months??? It would be ok if Paul was to miss the rest of the season...but come on! he is coming back and then Collison's value will go down with it. Collison must be an addition only in deep leagues and only if u have a flavor of the week or month open spot. He is not worthy to repalce any other position. Thats the reason u c teams with great season fantasy records and then lose in the playoffs......

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    • your an idiot, and probably pissed off you didn't pick him up

    • the Hornets are barely clinging onto the 8th playoff spot. they lost lastnight. if they can't make the playoffs they won't rush paul back. they won't let him hurt his knee like arenas did a couple years ago when he came back too soon.

      they want to get under the luxury tax anyway, so letting young guys plays will allow them to see what they have for trade value.

    • First off... you're only considering H2H leagues. In roto, every game is just as important throughout the entire season. That's what makes Collison an even better pickup. Even if you say he can't sustain more than 6 assists per game, the only other player on most waiver wires that can average that is Chris Duhon... and his percentages are terrible.

      Now, you're assuming that a non-allstar, completely unknown player cannot sustain amazing assists like this? Have you ever heard of Ramon Sessions? Look up his stats at the end of a year or two ago...

    • You always should have a spot on your roster for the flavor of the week. If you don't, pull off a few 2for1 trades, so you can open up a roster spot and have more value in your regular starters...

    • Collison is no Nash, but he is like Russell Westbrook. In Roto leagues anyone can use his stats for a month or two. In head to head leagues the idea is to have good players during the playoffs. Paul is supposed to come back in a month or two, but anything can happen. His knee could be worse than they think when they do surgery. He could reinjure it in his rehab. New Orlean's record could get so bad while he is out that they can't make the playoffs and then he just may sit out the rest of the season to avoid injury. Just b/c they say he will be back in a month or two doesn't mean it will happen. I'd rather gamble on a dynamic guy that gets points and assists rather than take a safe bet on a one dimensional guy like Thornton who only gets points and threes.

    • yea! who the heck needs 10+assists for 1-2 months? oh wait a minute i do... that's a lot more assists than anyone else on waivers can give me... deep league or not.


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