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  • FUNtasy FUNtasy Jan 14, 2010 12:39 AM Flag

    webster or illyasova?

    who would you rather have? and why?

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    • right now i'm liking webster... portland is short for that sf position which means he'll always have heavy minutes...

      ilyasova has to battle mbah and warrick to stay on the floor... if they're doing hot... ilyasova sits... even though he is the first option right now... the coach seems to love him...

    • I just dropped Ilyasova. He's only been playin minutes in the teens lately and not puttin up any kind of consistent numbers. He's falling out of favor. Go Webster. Ilyasova isn't good any more. A month ago I would have said ilyasova.

    • good question im also thinking illy right now. webster has been consistent and pretty good even though he had to guard kobe and lebron for 35 minutes back to back. he is on a team that has a very depleted roster so it helps him. however he has only done this for a short time so we will see if it is a month long fluke. illy did good but then bad for a long time. however redd is out now and so i think he is a major option again. jennings is not shooting well, i dont think there are many shooters not even warrick. so i dont know they both have upside i myself will have to watch illy put a couple games more together though. right now i am webster i mean he is on a streak with like 3 3's a game.


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