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  • Naz Naz Jan 8, 2010 7:48 AM Flag

    Big Trade in a Keeper league!

    I am in a league(12 players, 16 teams) in which u keep players for the following yr. U get to keep players depending on which yr they're drafted and the total amount of their contracts has to be no more than 4 yrs. For example, I drafted Pau Gasol in the 1st round this yr and if I wanted to keep him for next yr, he would be my 1st round pick in the 1st yr of his contract. So, if I wanted to keep any other players from any round for next year, the total now cannot be more than 3 yrs. Anyways, I made a trade with a top contender considering I am in the middle of the pack and I'm probably not going to make the playoffs.

    I traded

    Pau Gasol(1st round/1st yr keeper)


    Brook Lopez(11th round/2nd yr keeper)
    Yao Ming(12th round/1st yr keeper)

    I am also looking to get Jennings(10th round/1st yr keeper) in a separate deal. This will ultimately give me my 3 keepers for next yr:

    Yao in the 12th, Lopez in the 11th and Jennings in the 10th(my last 3 picks btw). Anyways, I was just wondering if any fantasy enthusiasts could give me some feedback towards 2 for 1 the trade...

    Hit me back

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