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  • Marc_Lestat Marc_Lestat Dec 3, 2009 8:08 AM Flag

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    Jeff Green
    Brook Lopez
    JR Smith


    We have only 5 Add/Drop Moves and i use 2 already.

    My plan is to acquire Kevin Love + Tyrus Thomas fpr Hibbert and Hughes ones they are healthy because im behind in REB, PTS, %FT and %FG. And add J. Nelson or L. Williams later.

    Is it right to wait for these players to get healthy or should i panic and start adding guys that are performing good today. I currently rank 6/11 im getting pissed on Hughes %FG already and Hibbert's declining stats. What is the best move?

    Is it really worth the wait for Redd, Hamilton and Biedrins?

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    • if your gonna have two injured players you should swap the ones you got for love and nelson. They both coming back soon.

    • Very good team, U r probably a solid add-drop or trade away from having a championship contending roster. Larry Hughes and Richard Hamilton r the only dead weight on your roster. Maybe since their somewhat big names u could trade them both.
      Please Rate my teams as well. Under user Name MC. Thanx!!!

    • Personally, I keep at most 2 injured players. Hamilton doesn't seem to be returning yet and even if he does, it's not likely he will come back with an explosion since he has been out for such a long time. I dropped him for AI a couple of days earlier.

      Redd is a headache. He's out indefinitely and even during that short span that he returned, he shot poorly.

      Overall, the team looks promising, but injuries are plaguing it.


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