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    hey guys, i am 24 years old and currently interning for the espn headquarters in conneticut. i specialize in basketball and also play fantasy basketball with some of the other guys i work with from espn. i consider myself as a fantasy basketball guru and will gladly help you with any question u may have. so please feel free to ask me anything you;d like an i will reply back to the best of my professional ability.

    thank you,

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    • I would love to get ur opinion on my team... i am in a 10 team H2H league
      1. Wade
      2. Gasol
      3. Butler
      4. Lopez
      5. Rose
      7. Nene
      8. Stuckey
      9. Barbosa
      10. Peja
      11. Rudy Fernandez
      12. Chris Douglas-Roberts
      13. Channing Frye

    • If your interning at espn shouldnt you be on there site......and I was a intern at komo 4 news 4 years ago so that makes me a weather expert does anyone need any help with the doppler radar? your such a douche....you so called experts year after year fail. Very rarely does your top 25 pre-ranked players make it even close to the position except for kobe and lebron how hard is that?

    • Sell high on Bynum before Pau gets back and trade for Al J? Do you think big Al will come back to his prime after the injury this year?

    • We are in a Head to Head type of of 20 Team league Our screboard is (FGM,FG%,FTM,FT%,3PTM,PTS,REB,AST,ST,BLK,TO)

      My team:
      Gilbert Arenas
      Martell Webster
      Eric Gordon
      Mike Miller
      Josh Boone
      Peja Stojakovic
      Dwight Howard
      Greg Oden
      Hakim Warrick
      Kirk Hinrich
      Antawn Jamison

      FRee Agent List

      Ty Lawson
      Darko Milicic
      Martell Webster
      Hasheem Thabeet
      Derek Fisher
      Raja Bell
      Tyler Hansbrough
      James Posey
      JaVale McGee
      Shelden Williams
      Jrue Holiday
      Jerryd Bayless
      Taj Gibson
      Nick Young
      Marquis Daniels
      Daequan Cook
      Jason Kapono
      Glen Davis
      Earl Watson
      Maurice Evans
      Etan Thomas

      I'm losing My patience for Peja Should I drop? If I should drop him whou would I Pick?

    • shannon brown and jonny flynn for brandon jennings? thoughts?

    • Ya, I don't mean to be all "Your advice is bad!!!11", I just wanted to bring up my reasoning behind why I still had some hope and belief in a few of these players.

      I'll be coming back here for some more opinions later . ;)

    • I was wondering if you could help me out with my fantasy lineup, so that I could add more depth to it and increase my chances of advancing on to a higher rank in the league. I've been taking big tolls from injuries and I lack a true point guard.

      Tony Parker
      Brandon Roy
      Chris Duhon
      Josh Smith
      Al Harrington
      Nene Hilario
      Zach Randolph
      Marc Gasol
      Danilo Gallinari
      Thaddeus Young

      Michael Redd
      Larry Hughes
      Mike Conley
      Pau Gasol
      J.R. Smith

      I know we all change lineups on a weekly basis, but the only additions I've been able to scout Jamal Crawford and T.J. Ford. But, still don't know when to start Pau? And whether J.R. Smith will have an impact as soon as he returns. Also whether it might seem that Redd is done for the season for re-injuring the same leg as last year. Any input or advice will be helpful thanks.

    • Hey man just looking to see what you think of my team and where I could improve and any trades or players I should target that might fit my teams mold. My email is tjmoss6969@yahoo.com thanks

      8 team league head to head weekly lineups...no turnover league standard categories 3 bench players

      Devin Harris
      Jason Richardson
      Aaron Brooks
      Andre Miller
      Louis Williams
      Danny Granger
      Tony Parker
      Al Jefferson
      Jeff Green
      Josh Smith
      Gerald Wallace

    • well ulimatley everything is your decision my friend..... im just here to share me opinion. anyway i am going to go to sleep now, im glad i can help you and others.......... i will def be back on this thing soon to answer more questions.

    • for points and percentages i go with tyreke evans. for steals and blocks i go with corey brewer. personally i would take tyreke evans.

      anyway i am going to go to sleep. im glad i can help you and others........ i will def be back on this thing soon

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