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  • Ginger Kid Ginger Kid Jul 21, 2009 1:48 PM Flag

    Pick a keeper

    I'm in a 14-team, highly competitive h2h league with standard 8 cats plus A/T. Each team keeps 4 players.

    For sure I am keeping Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Jose Calderon.

    For my fourth keeper, the candidates are:

    Andris Biedrins
    Andrew Bynum
    Ramon Sessions
    Thaddeus Young

    We're allowed to trade keepers leading up to the draft, but there are no suckers.

    Who would you keep out of those 4? I think that Biedrins is in the lead, but Lamar Odom leaving the Lakers might put Bynum over the top, and Sessions signing with the Knicks might put him there, especially if Nate Robinson leaves. Thad Young might be borderline to even consider with Brand coming back, but I think he's a reasonable safety if things go badly in the offseason for the other guys.

    What do you guys think?

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    • Bynum b/c he's got most potential

    • I would suggest keeping Bynum over Biedrins. Both are C's so both would address your lack of a big man. With Odom likely signing with the Heat (according to the latest reports), Bynum should return to his pre injury production. Of course there is more risk given he's coming off an injury but I could see him doing:

      15 pts, 11 rebs, 60% fg, 70% ft, and 2 blks

      last year, his avg stats were:

      14 pts, 8 rebs, 60% fg, 70% ft and 2 blks

      so I am not projecting a big increase at all and if you saw his last 5 to 10 games before he got injured, you know the upside is there to exceed these projections.

      I project Biedrins stats this year to be:

      12 pts, 12 rebs, 60% fg, 55% ft and 2 blks

      So basically, I see Bynum getting more points and having better ft% while getting 1 or 2 less rebounds and maybe half a steal less than Biedrins.

      I think Biedrins stats are more reliable from a predictability stand point but Bynum's upside potential even above my projections tip the scale in his favour even after factoring the injury risk in my opinion. Considering you have 3 fairly durable players in James, Durant, and Calderon, I think the added injury risk of Bynum is acceptable.

      Good luck!

    • I would say Biedrins as well. You have it figured out pretty well. Your keepers look good and I'm sure you know that the C' position is very coveted and sometimes hard to attain (especially with leagues that have 2 C spots). With LJ nd Durant you have your Forward on lock and Calderon is a great PG to build off of. Add a solid Scorer for SG and one more assist heavy PG and you should be good - because LeBron himself is a PG with the amount of assists he averages. With that being said you really are going in with no C and Biedrins was a beast for a good portion of the season last year. I don't see his minutes/production being heavily impacted or taken away (maybe if Amare comes over? but that trade talk has been dead for a while now). Although the emergence of Anthony Randolph throughout the summer league has been interesting I still don't see him being enough of a threat to Biedrins' production. Keep in mind that Warriors are also looking to trade Brandon Wright and if they move him without getting another Big in return its all Biedrins form here on out. So long story short Biedrins would make a real nice 4th keeper - you look to be in good shape with 4 very SOLID young players in each of their positions and should thrive for years to come!

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      • Thanks. I drafted all young players last year with an eye towards keepers, and with the exception of Beasley, everyone did pretty well for their draft position, but I was unable to package players for a more spectacular 4th keeper. We'll see how the rest of the offseason goes, but I guess it's Biedrins for now.


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