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  • al-b al-b Apr 20, 2009 9:23 AM Flag


    i had a similar situation. my best move ended up being my worst move in the long run. let me start by sayin that i was in 1st place before i started making significant changes to my roster. the 1st trade i made was bibby and turk for amare. that was my best move until...

    during that trade i added fisher to help out with the loss of assists from giving away bibby.

    the same team that i made that trade with dropped boozer when no one knew when his return would be. i picked him up from waivers. i still had amare at this time. someone else dropped terry when he broke his hand. i picked him up from waivers. those 2 helped me out big time!

    other moves of note was drafting monta and sitting on him 3/4 of the season. which was another to prove costly in the long run. he did get me into the finals though so i guess that was worth it.

    when amare went out i picked up turiaf which was big for my blocks. i also had josh smith and in the playoffs i picked up birdman. so my bigs consisted of turiaf, bosh (drafted), birdman boozer and josh smith. unstoppable! will definitely do what i can to get those 5 back together next season. if i was in a keeper league i would keep that big man core right there because big men like that are hard to come across on one team. and remember i was SUPPOSED to have amare INSTEAD of turiaf...WOW!

    after the trade for amare and the pickup of boozer and terry i had 3 injured players and fell to 5th place. when we got healthy we went on a 4 week winning streak beating the #1 & #2 teams in the final weeks. i then faced off with the team i traded for amare AND dropped boozer for the gold and won it all!!! he was SICK! sucks to be him but i was alright!!!!


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