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  • al-b al-b Apr 16, 2009 5:00 PM Flag

    what's taking so long...

    ...to update the league page and our profiles?!?!

    it has never taken this long to update these things. in the past i could wake up in the morning and see the final standings the day after the last day. does anyone know y it's taking so long to update?

    the final stats have been updated, but the home page where the show the trophy winners and the trophy case in our profile hasn't been.

    they have really been slacking on their updates the last couple of weeks as well. matchups were being updated late in the morning instead of early in the am like normal.

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    • Question from another rookie. I finished 3rd on my league but won the playoff championship. Does it mean I am going to be the champ?

    • simple solution, week ends the 19th so everything is updated on the 19th
      anybody read there leagues front page?

    • It says at the top of the bracket thing that the season lasts until Sunday April 19th. Now I have no idea if that means that we include the first playoff games in our totals or not. You can't change lineups if that is the case either. I wound up tied with a guy for in the championship game. I assume that there is some kind of tiebreaker?

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      • o and about your tiebreaker, its points scored first. if thats a tie then there's a bunch of other ones outlined in the rules.

        i really don't think points scored should be the first tiebreaker. what if you beat the team twice already in the regular season and didn't really build your team around scoring? thats not fair. i tied somebody last season and thought i would win because i swept them in the regular season, but it didn't happen so i looked up the rules. so it should be your overall matchup as the first tiebreaker and then go to points and so on. so if you won you reg seas matchups 5-4 and the 4-3 your overall would be 9-7 and you would get the win.

      • o goodness another rookie. listen you can't continue fantasy nba, or anything for that matter, during the playoffs for the simple fact that half the teams will be GONE!!!

        its just them drawing the line as to when weeks end and what not. also it gives them time to make sure that everything that they submit is good. i can imagine that in the past they may have had to make some stat changes that affected championship matchups and caught a lot of heat for it. so to be on the safe side they are updating the stats as they see fit for now, and then let the nba update all of the stat changes and if there are any they will change them before they officially crown a champ. and yes stat changes do happen if you are not aware, its a link at the top of your leagues homepage.

    • Two things I noticed that may explain why these "Yahoos" have not declared the winners in Yahoo Hoops. First, on your league page, you will probably see that this last playoff week ends April 19, not April 15 when the actual NBA season ended! Second, in Yahoo baseball, we had to have all drafts completed by March 29 to get Week 1 stats, although the season did not start until April 5. Our first week ran from March 30 through April 12, although games were only April 5 through April 12. Because of that one game on Sunday, April 5, rather than on a Monday, our "week" had to get extended backward.

      Apparently someone at Yahoo has decreed that weeks must start on a Monday and end on a Sunday, and whether the season has been over for 5 days (NBA), or will not start for 6 more days (MLB), really does not phase them. Reality has been overwhelmed by structure! I guess we just have to wait until Monday the 20th to see the updates to trophies won and see that page that shows first, second and third places on our league pages! Sometimes you get what you pay for, and this stuff is available for free! I may move my leagues to ESPN, where things are not quite so constrained!

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      • yea i figured that after the last poster said the week ends the 19th.

        but i can't see myself leaving yahoo. i'm too addicted i've been with them all along and have a nice trophy case building up. added 1 more gold this year but it should've been 2 more either gold or silver for both. i caught in some bad roster situations and didn't make it past the 1st rounds with 2 great teams.

    • It says final week ends on the 19th.....does that mean we get this weekend of playoff games to play as well??????

    • I see the problem - you wake up in the morning.

    • Why do you all care how soon the fake, pretend, e-trophies take? No one cares how many you rack up. Go ahead and check my profile. I've got tons but who gives a rat's @$$. I'm sure I'll get my three shiny new 1st places someday. No one will ever know, so what's the difference?

    • Yeah man... i agree...
      WHERE IS MY TROPHY ?????


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