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    new option for next season

    what i think is unfair is losing to a team that you know you're better than because your team had short lineups the entire week. i lost in the 1st round of the playoffs because i had 40 players to his 50. on thursday i had 0 to his 6. i was keeping up with him most of the week, even after the 0-6 disadvantage. in the next week i beat all the remaining players in the higher brackets, just by comparing my stats to theirs. that is so unfair!

    so, what i think they should do in the future is have an option to join a league where the team with more players available to play can only play the amount that his oppenent has available. not including injuries because the nba & fantasy bball doesn't have the injured reserve anymore. and note that i say AVAILABLE and i didn't say how many they actually played. if team A has 5 available and only play 3 and team b has 8 available, he would only have to bench 3 players to even out to the 5, not 5 to even out to the 3. it could be called an even roster league or something like that.

    this would add more competition on a few different levels. the team that has more players available can choose which stats he wants to accumulate in more on any given night. he can stack up on stats, or play catchup. or he could even keep everything even if he/she wants to. please rate this post to let me know what you think of this implementation. remember i would like it to be an option for next season, not mandatory.

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    • What i do is around mid season, look at your teams games in each round of the playoffs. Add and trade players accordingly.

    • i like this way, it makes it to where you really have to watch your team and the others to ensure you have a chance in winning each week. if you see your going to be the underdog do to less players then you will need to pick up players to make that even if your in fear of loosing. when i went to the playoff i had to do that in order to make it to the next round.

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      • but look at if we have the option to play my way. we wouldn't HAVE to drop players, just manage the players we do have more wisely. like i said if you are the team with more players playing you can choose to manage your players in 3 different ways. either stack up on positions that your player doesn't have any players playing in, try to play catch up to some stats that you are behind in, or just keep it even stevens and let the chips fall where they may. you still would have to plan out the rest of the week to see where you may fall behind in and things like that. it would add an entirely different level of competion to the game and i think it would be much more interesting than having to worry about dropping some of your players after you worked so hard to build your team the way it is. that is what happened to me. that doesnt even sound right.

        nba teams don't have to worry about having uneven lineups day in and day out so y should we? tru they get injuries and things like that but at least they have players to play. i had 0-6 players and 40-50 throughout the week. that shit aint even right yo.

    • why should he be penalized for the way you have crafted your team.

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      • dude what are you talking about? it has nothing to do with the crafting of the team. did you not see where i said i had the best team in the next round when i compared my final stats to everyone elses? not to mention i beat the team i was playing twice in the reg season.

        so it has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the crafting of the team. what it has to do with is the scheduling of the nba. how am i to know that i wasn't going to have any players playing on the first thursday of the players when i built my team? and that my opponent would have 6?

        dude u can't be serious.

    • on a side note, i could have dropped players and added free agents, but the free agents that were available and the players i would've had to drop would have been dumb. any other team in the league that wanted them would've gotten him and gotten better.

      also the team i was playing had just lost to a team because he had 7 players playing vs like 3 or 4, but only got 21 points. i knew my team was better and if we could just fight thru the beginning of the week we might have a chance to pull thru. like i said in the next round i beat every single team that was still playing in the champ bracket. and i have every reason to believe i would've won the championship if it wasnt for the unfair lineups.

    • cry me a river

    • your idea is stupid. you should have joined a daily league if you cant handle having less players. you are supposed to adjust your rosters accordingly for the week... where you might opt to play a player who has more games but will get better overall stats for the week than a player who typically averages better stats but has fewer games. learn to play fantasy basketball and quit wasting your time posting such useless proposals mr. even money league.


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