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  • al-b al-b Apr 16, 2009 2:57 PM Flag


    i think points scored is an unfair tiebreaker. what if you didn't build your team around points scored. the 1st tiebreaker should be your regular season matchup(s). the over all matchup between the 2 of you should b the 1st tiebreaker. if that's a tie then start with point scored and so on.

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    • I agreee totally, anyone who disagrees is either on NOT in the championship/playoffs, the lucky person to have the most total points when there are 8 (EIGHT) catergories, or just simply STUPID.

      Explain to me how a guy/team can simply win the championship/playoff game when he has been dominated by my team in the regular season H2H and finished 5th behind my 2nd place finish in the regular season, but now all of a sudden bc he has the most points in this final week he wins.....total BS!

    • how about if overall record is a tie then look at home record... and then away record... lol quit talking