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    Championship Rosters Post Here

    for all of you that won a championship post your final roster here. here's mine:

    chalmers, billups, ray allen, j. terry, rip

    josh smith, birdman, bosh, boozer, turiaf,

    bench (free agent rotation): watson, fernandez, butler


    i was in 1st place when i traded bibby and turkoglu for amare and added d fisher. shortly afterwards the same team i made the trade with dropped boozer and i sat on him and monta ellis. i dropped to 4th place. i traded sheed and tayshaun for billups & added terry from waivers (broken hand) dropped to 5th place. added r. butler for monta when he got injured. added turiaf for amare. moon was there most of the time but got dropped in the championship round. when my team finally got healthy we beat the top 2 teams in the league at the end of the season and finished in 3rd. now we are champs...

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    • My team went undftd ===> 24-0 and championship
      Friends league, 12 teams. Competitive/Active managers.
      Draft Day: 8th pick.
      1. D Wade
      2. Billups
      3. Iguodala
      4. Antawn Jamison
      5. LaMarc Aldridge
      6. Horford
      7. Luol Deng
      8. Bibby
      9. Rondo (steal of the draft)
      10. Nene (steal #2)
      11. Ryan Gomes
      12. Rafer Alston
      13. Bargnani (suprise of the draft)

      Moves: 3 total all year
      1. Deng for Rasual Butler
      2. Gomes for Haslem
      3. Haslem for Troy Murphy (i had #1 waiver when he got dropped when he got injured. Helped made my playoff push)


    • Here's my championship team. Brace yourself because you are about to FEEL THE POWER!!!

      Andre Llloyd Miller
      Kobe Bean Bryant
      Jason Eugene Terry
      Ronald William Artest, Jr.
      Zachary Randolph
      Andre Tyler Iguodala
      Christopher Wesson Bosh
      Timothy Theodore Duncan
      Lamar Joseph Odom
      Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson
      Benjamin Gordon
      Hidayet Hedo Turkoglu (Who got injured so I dropped and picked up Erick Travez Dampier)
      LaMarcus Nurae Aldridge
      and Alfred Joel Horford Reynoso!!!!!

      I accrued this lineup as a result of several BLOCKBUSTER TRADES!!!

    • Andrei Miller, Ron Artest, Chris Paul, Steve Nash,
      Jeff Green, Josh Howard, Tyrus Thomas, sheed, Boris Diaw
      Pau Gasol, Troy Murphy, Marc Gasol, Kendrick Perkins,

      And my final stats:

      65 .471 .820 45 1018 431 251 66 50 116

      I won on 9/10 categories.. I lost in FG%

    • Mo Williams, Jamal Crawford, Oj Mayo, Thabo Sefolosha, Matt Bonner, Dirk Nowitzki, Michael Beasley, Shaquille O'Neal,Brook Lopez, Marcus Camby, Kobe Bryant, Randy Foye, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Manu Ginobili

      i also had these people most of the season but i had to drop due to injury:

      Al Jefferson, Andrew Bynum, Josh Howard and Mike Dunleavy

    • Steve Nash , Dwyane Wade ,Andre Iguodala ,Rashard Lewis, Stephen Jackson , Kevin Durant ,Carlos Boozer , Jermaine O'Neal,O.J. Mayo ,Jason Kidd #1 sleeper team!!! ya dig!!!

    • i like d fisher

    • Made playoffs in the last 2 weeks. Beat #4 and #2 to win league. (9-0) in last week!
      Dirk, Carmelo, Parker, Boozer, Troy Murphy, Joe Johnson, Jet, Josh Smith, Gordon LAC

    • 12 player roto

      PG Chris Paul(NO - PG)
      SG Francisco Garcia(Sac - SG,SF)
      G Steve Nash(Pho - PG)
      SF Josh Smith(Atl - SF,PF)
      PF Tayshaun Prince(Det - SF,PF)
      F Shane Battier(Hou - SF)
      C Jason Thompson(Sac - SF,PF,C)
      C Al Horford(Atl - PF,C)
      Util John Salmons(Chi - SG,SF)
      Util Kelenna Azubuike(GS - SG,SF)
      BN Antonio McDyess(Det - PF,C)
      BN Andrei Kirilenko(Uta - SF,PF)
      BN Nate Robinson(NY - PG,SG)

      Lost Michael Redd and Al Jefferson for the season, but still managed to win by 1 point

    • Deron Williams ----- Drafted (1)
      Andre Miller -----Drafted (6)
      Raymond Felton ----- Pick up from waiver
      O.J Mayo ----- Drafted
      Rip Hamilton ----- Trade
      John Salmons ----- Trade
      Caron Butler ----- Pick up from waiver
      Lamar Odom ----- Pick up from waiver
      Antawn Jamison ----- Drafted (4)
      Al Harrington ----- Drafted
      LaMarcus Aldridge ----- Drafted (5)
      Chris Bosh ----- Drafted (2)
      Dwight Howard ----- Drafted (3)

    • I had two h2h teams take first this season.

      8 team private league:
      D. Nowitski
      D. Granger
      G. Wallace
      JR Smith
      J Calderon
      W Chandler
      M Conley
      B Lopez
      Al Horford
      D Harris
      A Bargnani

      Public league
      Jason Kidd
      Vince Carter
      Mario Chalmers
      Nate Robinson
      Rasual Butler
      Gerald Wallace
      Francisco Garcia
      Andrea Bargnani
      Ronny Turiaf
      Mike Conley
      Jarrett Jack
      Chris Andersen
      Nene Hilario

      In the first league I also had Elton Brand, biggest bust of the season. In the second league I had Amar'e great regular season but not there in the end when I needed him.

      The first league I came out second and this week played the number 1 team that beat me handily all season. I beat him 5 to 4 this week, in steals I got 61 he only got 60.

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