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  • Speedy the Point Guard Speedy the Point Guard Apr 8, 2009 9:48 PM Flag

    Kobe vs LeBron

    Who's better (I say Kobe)

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    • Kobe's career is better (more titles) and he is a very good player, but right now, statistical wise, Lebron is better, but he still has much to prove.

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      • Lebron and its not even close. There is an ocean between Lebron and Kobe. This is true despite the following...

        Kobe is a better shooter...
        Kobe has more pure talent...

        The reason I say Lebron James is because he is simply dominant on a level Kobe is not. Kobe is more talented, but he cannot dominate a game the way King James can. Kobe is a step slower on defense. Every time I flip to a lakers game I see someone going by him. Lebron on the other hand doesnt allow anyone to get by him. He forces people into tough shots. He can cover so much ground on defense in such a small period of time that Kobe never can. He is a better rebounder, stealer, shot blocker, and man defender.

        Offensively Lebrons court awareness is unmatched by anyone since Larry Bird. He knows whats happening on the court at all times. Yes Kobe is a better shooter and yes he even hit a couple of insanely difficult shots on Lebron but thats the point that makes Lebron better. Those are insanely difficult shots and it represents his inability to create an easier shot. Yes for a shot of that difficulty Kobe shoots a good percentage, but the idea of basketball is to create the easiest shot possible. Why do you think on a 1-0 fastbreak no one shoots a three but rather dunks the ball. Its the easiest shot, it would be stupid not to. The fact is that Lebron creates easier shots with greater ease and therefore shoots a higher percentage. Why would u want someone taking a difficult fadeawy that Kobe gives 35% chance of going in, that anyone but Kobe would make 10% of the time, when u could have someone who can get to the rim with great ease and finish at about a 70% clip at the basket. Now I know Kobe does not shoot 35% because his field goal percentage is improved by the easier close range baskets he does get, while Lebrons is not 70% because he hurts it by taking 3s and stupid jumpers he shouldnt be taking with his ability to drive. But the point is he can create the easiest shot with far greater regularity than Kobe and creating the easiest shot is a sign of dominance for the same reason you would say Shaq is more dominant than Dirk. No one will question dirk is a better shooter ball handler and probably has more overall skill, but shaqs sheer physical dominance and ability to create easier shots, point blank dunks, would make anyone take Shaq over nowitzki.

    • no one cares about Kobe... hes like the Sean Avery of Hockey... The Terrel Owens of Football... He thinks he is the best and everyone else is below him...

    • Go watch the TNT "where amazing happens" when lebron dunks over 3 people against boston. look at his face after.
      you'll find your answer

    • Kobe is the best in the league, he has the most complete game, when Lebron gets a consistent jumper, he will be the best in the league, his jumper is the only thing that seperates him from being better than kobe

    • haha, also. how is DWade not in the conversation here? if you can put lebron up there with kobe you gotta put wade up there too.

    • no one is ever "the best" without a championship. i think kobe might have one...
      lebron will get his eventually, but for now kobe holds the belt.

    • when Lebron was asked the same question, he says Kobe is the best in the world...so when a bunch of chumps with computers...keep saying Lebron, it makes me giggle...douches

    • LBJ23 for sure................................

    • how cant we say Lebron is close to Kobe... Kobe had his day, but hes not as good as he was a couple years ago... Lebron makes everyone on the court better, so hes the better player... Kobe can put up 30 a night with ease. Lebron can to. if Lebron wanted to hog the ball he could put up 76 some night, but he passes. 10 assists a night? i havent seen that from Kobe

    • you guys are all morons how can you say lebron is even close to kobe's talent.. kobe has the best foot work and shot in the game.. and nobody can finish.. or see the court like he can.. lebron is just a name that can jump through the roof.. what else can he do? just a few highlight dunks a game that has everyone notice him.. don't get me wrong he's a monster.. but nobody and i mean nobody right now can compare to kobe.. lebron has a long.. long .. long way until he can be mentioned with kobe

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      • so all of you guys are honestly telling me.. lebron can close out like kobe.. lebron has the same shot.. as well as foot work.. and can break down a d fence like kobe.. it's far more accomplished then lebron is a overall better player you guys are all just idiots for sure.. understand basketball first and then speak.. what would lebron be if he couldnt jump through the roof? answer me that.. he would be nothing

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