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  • Nitsuj Nitsuj Apr 9, 2009 12:46 AM Flag

    Kobe vs LeBron

    Stats wise lebron reputation wise kobe. honestly i think kobe is all about names. and is a bloody ballhog. and lets his man get past him easily. lebron doesnt. i think kobe cant make the top ten in fantasy next yr.

    1. lbj
    2. wade
    3. dwight
    4. cp3
    5. amare
    6. nowitzki
    7. bosh
    8. granger
    9. deron williams
    10. steve nash
    11. kobe

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    • that's a pretty stupid thing to say.
      He is one of the greatest to ever play the game smartass, and the only reason he doesn't pass as much as lebron is cause HE IS OBVIOUSLY GOOD.
      Lebron is good all-around
      Kobe is a better shooter

      For your top 10 fantasy picks, dwight howard DOES NOT BELONG ON #3. he harsh hurts you in FT%

      and kobe deserves to be on the top 10 more than amare, nash, deron and bosh. Why? cause they're all injury monsters, 'cept nash and bosh, who don't do much besides pass and rebound, respectively

      1. lebron
      2. wade
      3. cp3
      4. kobe
      5. durant
      6. granger
      7. dwight
      8. deron
      9. al jeff (only IF he won't get likely injured again)
      10. nowitzki
      11. duncan
      12. roy
      13. bosh
      14. carmelo
      15. harris

    • you are the stupidest person ever... he used to be ballhog last year, but he actually passes. He is like the best cluth shooter and look how many game winner shots kobe made. i will say hes like 3rd right now. obviosuly lebron is 1 and wade is 2. your top 10 is just stupid and wrong.

    • kobe not in the top10? thats almost the dumbest thing ive ever read on this message board. putting dwight at number 3 proves how much you don't know about fantasy basketball. howard is a huge asset to any NBA team, but he is not even the best fantasy center out there, less than one of the best players on the whole. his numbers are mostly one dimensional, defense. his FT% is under.600, do you have any idea how bad that is?

    • lebron is not better then kobe! lebron hit just his first game winner this season. who do i want with the ball in his hands 5 seconds left down 2 pts. Kobe Bryant thats who he is the most clutch player in the nba by far. as far as the idiot who said hes not top 10 well then he just honestly doesnt watch bball. he obviously will not get first pick by fantasy point of view but if i was in the nba i would want kobe over any other player. he is a winner and he has proven that with championships. every player on the olympic team including dwade and lebron agreed kobe was the one they looked up to to guide them. he has an insane work ethic and by far the best player since Jordan.


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