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  • Michael C Michael C Apr 7, 2009 12:08 PM Flag

    I am a streamer (mbcx8)

    I've seen alot of posts on streaming (add/droping), so I thought I'd post this....

    I am what you would call a streamer. I'd say I take it to another level though. My team is number 1 on the head-to-head leaderboard. I think it is important to point out that there is alot about streaming that people don't realize.

    Consider this, my team finished 1st on the leaderboard this year (and 9 out of the top 10 teams streamed), finished 3rd last year, and two years before that I was also first with a .846 win percent. Why am I telling you this? To point out that streaming, if done properly, can not be defeated by someone without the proper knowledge of the game. I faced a fellow streamer twice this year and beat him 7-2 and 8-1. All this and I'd say I spend less than 5 minutes a day figuring out who to add/drop.

    Now here is the funny part...I HATE streaming. Part of why I do it is to show how easy it is to be dominant. I believe Yahoo should change the rules for next year's public leagues to not allow streaming. Casual fantasy owners need to have more of a chance to compete.

    If you know what you're doing, from start to end of the season, you should never win any less than 6-3, and contrary to belief, you can consistantly win FG% and FT%...and yes even TO's if you're real good. 9-0 is even possible from week to week.

    My team name is mbcx8
    You can email me at mbcx8@yahoo.com if you have any questions/comments or would simply like some advice on how you can accomplish what I have. I would like to see more people stream just to bring attention to it....and perhaps the rules will be changed.

    If you would like to complain to Yahoo about the fantasy basketball format, you can email them or click the league feedback link.

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    • Streamers make yahoo public head to head leagues a joke. Yahoo needs to put an end to streaming for good. Ill never play a yahoo public head to head league until this streaming crap is over. Most other fantasy sports sites dont allow this, so I dont see why yahoo does. All the no talent fantasy managers come to play yahoo fantasy sports so they can use the waiver wire to win. Its pathetic.

    • Streaming is for losers who have no life. Some people dont have the time to sit in front of their computer all day and make countless waiver wire moves, because they actually have better things to do. People with jobs or a social life, who like to play fantasy sports are screwed over by streamers who dont have nothing better to do with there life. I think most streamers dont have a job or dont go to school or dont have any friends and likely never get laid. Streamers would rather have a meaningless yahoo fantasy sports trophy then go outside and enjoy life. Its rather sad.

    • What is funny you streaming in the final game mbcx when you already got it wrap up chump.

    • yea i typed it. this is why.

      when we start playing fantasy games; unless u really know what u are doing and quite well, chances are u will lose. depending on the opponent, u are against; u will lose badly.

      when i thought bout streaming (in my everyday; please no al gore jokes), i did it on account of guerrila strategy. a team that has lil or nothing to lose, has the right to survive to fight another day.

      i'll let that seep in.

      right now, im in a hockey championship game; wherein barring sumthing weird happening, i will lose. badly. i was seeded number 6th.

      im really tired of the arguing about streaming (in any format), cause; we are all "geniuses" in regards to how we handle our teams. if we werent; those who ill consider "cocky" and yet they stream, couldnt brag to blow up a plastic bag. those who are on the other hand believe, streaming is one of worst things to happen to fantasy sports; well gentlemen, u probably wouldnt have a leg to stand on (and chances are u couldnt rely on ur 'third leg" either).

      wther u are for or against; streaming is condoned on yahoo. not outright. however look around u. if im lying or blowing smoke outta my ass, please state how.

      i agree with mb, that sum limits should be made in regards to streaming. wha i disagree with is that chances are, it wont placate those who are against it. after all, we are "geniuses". i do have good news though for those who hate streaming.

      due to ur efforts to hate and lie and belittle those who do it; chances are the percentage who will do it in following years will shrink. congradulations gentlemen. u getting what u want.

      mb,i gave ur post a 5. point is though, within reason; u are believing in rainbows. nutting can placate the opposition, short of streaming ending.

      ty for ur thoughts though

      well done btw.

    • in custom leagues the commish can make rules that allows a certain number of moves per season or a certain number of moves per week. one of the leagues i'm in only allows 4 moves per week and i've been in leagues in which only 50 moves were allowed in a season.

    • if it aint the pot callin the kettle black with these guys ;theytake atvantage of the weaker players from the start ,they load up with all-stars knowing there wont be a chance for us to catch them. they dont expect us to take atvantage of anything,as long as there winning everythings ok. lets straighten this out,when we start everyone has a chance because someone makes more moves,thats called activity ,after all,they streamed at least 8 poinst out before the season started if u want to get technical,so dont let theyre wining phase u ,they dont deserve to be told anything cause itsall about them the winers

    • I'm falling behind on 3 pointers and I usually win this CAT:, but I think I lost that one. Unusual, I'm winning the TO CAT: weird. I Just Hope I win ! "Go Streamers"

    • This is my first year playing fantasy basketball. This is also the first year I've started to pay attention to basketball again. I haven't watched basketball in about 5-6 years so needless to say there were alot of good players that I had never heard of.
      I ended up creating 4 teams (3 head to head and 1 roto) and my first team I drafted myself and it sucked. But each team I created got better and better. Then my players started getting hurt, so I began dropping players and picking up lesser but active players. I didn't even realize what I was doing until I saw all of these posts about streaming.

      You see when my guys started getting hurt I kept trying to find a player that could fill that void off of the FA pool. What I wound up doing was picking someone up for a couple of days and then drop him for someone that was doing better. I repeated this over and over and then I saw this stuff about streaming.
      I didn't even now what I was doing had a name for it. I just did what I had to do to try and win each week.

      Bottom line is that all fantasy sports are is math and simple math at that. Who ever has the better numbers in the end is going to win.

      All I'm saying is that to me "streaming" makes sense mathematically.

    • I'm a streamer. "207 MOVES". First off, I took A. Bynum. I will win my league barely. I hate everyone in my league, there all haters and I'm going to teach them a lesson on Cheating- Trades. My team started falling apart in the middle of the season and I got ripped on every day. Now it's my turn to say F**k you to all these jerks. My current roster doesn't even matter because half of it will change everyday until Sunday. Some players I like now that I never really knew about are because of the re-search to stream everyday. "I found: E.Gordan, J Salmons, K Azubuike, D Jordan, F Murray, D McGuire, M Taylor, T Young, C Anderson, J Jack, A Varejao, J Singleton, L Powe, N Kristic, MbahaMoute, J Noah, S Hawes, J Terry, L Kleiza and many more. Most of all M. Finley, McDyess are still kicking ass !
      "In the end , you're stupid to not win a Championship because you think streaming is not fair". "STREAM YOU"RE ASS OFF AND FRIKIN WIN"

    • I'd also like to make clear that I had one goal this season....and that was to be number one on the head-to-head leaderboard. I could care less if I had 100 trophies in my profile. I just wanted to see if I could make it to 1st on the leaderboard again with so many people streaming nowadays....

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