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  • Michael T Michael T Mar 18, 2009 1:21 PM Flag

    best point guard in the league? cp3 or d will?

    over the last few yrs most experts have been pretty clear and open about who they think is the best point guard in the league. this season i have seen d will take his game to another level. now i will also give cp3 his credit, because he is an all star and he plays like one, however i dont think that the race has been this close before. d will has taken that utah team and carried them into the thick of the western conference playoffs with out their all star carlos boozer, cp3 still had d west, peja and posey as a great clutch shooter. though statistically cp3 has had a better season, how about the fact that d will has won the matches against cp3 by like 10-3... or around there, it overwhelmingly favors d will, so my question is, is cp3 the best pg int he league today? and who will be the best in 3 yrs? here my list of the top 10 pg
    1) cp3
    2) d will
    3) tony parker
    4) c billups
    5) steve nash
    6) mike bibby
    7) devin harris
    8) jason kidd
    9) baron davis
    10) foye or monta ellis...
    11) foye or monta ellis...

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    • Paul is the better player, Williams is the better leader. I like Paul more right now but if I had a team I'd rather have Williams leading it.
      90% of the time Paul is better (this is where his speed comes in) but I wouldn't take CP3 when he goes head to head with D-WIll. The Jazz are 11-2 against the Hornets with Williams and Paul leading them and in everyone of those games Williams owns Paul, that's where Williams' size and strength come in.
      Their both incredibly quick but Paul has a step on Williams, but Williams has a step on Paul with his Size and strength. Plus Williams is a more pure shooter (long range and short range) Williams drives to the hoop better, has more knowledge of the court and like his tattoo says "No Guts No Glory" and I love that about him.
      As of right now CP3 is better than D-Will but once Paul looses a step in his speed in a few years he'll be just like every other Point Guard in the league (getting passed by the younger guys), where as Williams will just keep getting better. That's why I would give my team up to Williams and not Paul, you have to think long term.

    • I'll admit CP3 is amazing but Deron Williams has done more for the Jazz then Paul has done for the Hornets. Williams has already gone to the western conference finals and soon to the Championship, Paul hasn't even come close.
      This whole season Paul has had the help of West, Stojakovic, Posey, Chandler and has the same record as the Jazz who are this far with Boozer out all year(knee surgery) and Kirilenko out most the year(ankle surgery).
      For what Williams has done for the Jazz is alot more impressive than what Paul has done for the Hornets.

    • Chris Paul is the best point guard in the leauge. he should have been MVP last season also MVP of the 2008 all-star game. he took the team to the best record in team history that year too. he play's on a team of nobody's and even made an all-star out of one. Deron Williamshe doesn't even come close to Paul's level.

    • Right now CP3 is #1 and D-Will is #2 but Williams will have the better career of the two. #3 goes to Chauncey Billups, 4 to Jason Kidd and 5 to Tony Parker or Devin Harris. I do believe that in a few years Rose will be among the elite point guards, he's just not there yet.

      One more thing I noticed people argueing on here saying that the ESPN analysists/experts are all saying that CP3 is better than Williams and will some day be as good as Magic Johnson and John Stockton. For one that is a lie, I heard them go with Deron Williams a week ago to have the better career, two nobody and I mean nobody will ever come close to John Stockton or even Magic Johnson ( not even Deron Williams). Stockton's steals and assists record will NEVER be broken. So don't tell me that experts are saying Chris Paul will be as good as them, I seem to recall them saying that same thing 10 years ago about Jason Kidd, 6 years ago about Steve Nash, 3 years ago about Gilbert Arenas and now once again they're saying that about Paul and Williams. Even though CP3, D-Will, Kidd, Nash, Arenas all are amazing PG's they will never come anywhere near as good as Stockton or Magic Johnson.

      Like I said at the first CP3 is better than Williams now and probably will be for the next 2-3 years but after that it'll be D-Will and he will have the better overall career of the two.

    • top 10 pg

      1. roko ukic aka. "roko mocha latte"
      2.chris quinn
      3. sasha vujajic
      4.chuky atkins
      5.tyrone lue
      6.kevin ollie
      7.jamal tinsley
      8.anthony carter
      9. lindsay hunter
      10. marcus williams

    • andrewmacisaacmacisaac andrewmacisaacmacisaac Mar 21, 2009 12:16 PM Flag

      what everyone seems to be forgetting, is that next year, when gilbert arenas is healthy, he will definatly be in the top 5. Hes been injured all season so everyone has forgotten about him....

    • sure, they got made a blockbuster deal to get kevin garnet ray allen to help out paul pierce.... oh wait that was boston.... yeah boston did that and barely won....

    • maybe top 10, but definitely not top 5

    • Mike Bibby is ahead of Harris
      He desrves a 6 or higher because he turned a 60 losss Franchise into a possible 50 win team

    • Chris Paul, hands down #1. No one else all that close. Deron Williams is good, but his numbers are slightly inflated by Utah's system.


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