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    Is streaming cheating?

    Just want to see a consensus on the streaming debate again. Is someone who is active frequently and who makes tons of moves to help fill up his roster each night a cheater. Of course the league would have to not have a cap on moves allowed and such. Let's see your thoughts.

    I personally think that it is fine as long as the commish sets the league up with no limits. Giving an advantage to someone who is active frequently is not a bad thing in fantasy sports in my opinion.

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    • NO its not, IF the league is set up that way.

      Another thing is, you should never penalize a player for being active. Its better than having a player joins the draft and forgets about his team for most of the year.

      And an active player is way better than those who's secretly holding on to two teams in one league... Now that's cheating.

    • Play ROTO!!!!! If you are so offended by streaming play a roto league......82 games per position PERIOD!!

    • I don't understand why Yahoo sticks with the "unlimited games" format for H2H. It's why I don't play H2H on Yahoo. Almost all the other sites have at least the OPTION of setting a max number of games each week (which is MUCH better than limiting the number of moves, IMO), and a lot of them have the max weekly games thing as the default.

      H2H with unlimited games may appeal to some people, but I personally believe it's a horrible format.

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      • I wouldn't consider streaming cheating, although I do feel it is unsportsmanlike. I am not proud to admit it, but I have had to employ the strategy to keep it competitive this championship round. I was pretty much in first place for most of the regular season, but with injuries later in the season, it would have been impossible for me to make it through the playoffs without streaming. I would like to see Yahoo put a cap on games played per week to keep things fair.

    • You guys whine too much about something you have no control over! You sound like little girls...stop b!tch!n and play in a max moves league next year. Streamers don't care what you think, they'll do it anyway...threads like these are a waste of time, it serves no purpose.

    • Its not cheating...but a strategy if your opponent do it, you also can do it... Thats why there is a setting before you join a l?ague...weekly changes in lineup h2h its fit for those against streaming...

    • Streaming is cheating. Some say its good strategy because its within the rules. I say bullsh*t. The people who say that are the ones who do it. On all the other fantasy sports sites ive been on, its not allowed. Why? Because its a cheap form of cheating. Only yahoo allows this and hopefully they will wake up and prevent it from ruining the head to head public leagues next season. Its seems all the crappy managers who need the waiver wire to win, flock to yahoo so they can stream. These losers need to get a life. They wouldnt win anything if they couldnt stream. I suggest e-mailing yahoo or send them feedback about how streaming ruins the public head to head leagues.

    • I dont think it is cheating...it is your choice if you want to do it or not.

    • its a stupid ass thing to do and it annoys me. its not cheating but it shows weakness. you dont know how to make your team better any other way. if you were a real owner you would build your team up so you didnt have to do it.

    • Turnovers, FG%, FT% are there to keep streaming in check. If it is an issue that you hate then you should of joined a league that puts limits on adding players.

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      • PHUCK you losers that stream, you ruin the game, FG FT doesn't get effected by add/drops if you pick up players with high % and and with whatever cat you're down in. The only cat that you lose in is TO.

        I have a guy in my league that drops 2 players every night sometimes 3 if he's down big and he does this with a healthy squad and to players that are longer inactive. Most of the players became inactive because of this guy.

    • only time i did that was when two of my centers were out and i streamed for four days picking up dudes and then dropping them for rebounds. it was the only way i could compete, other than that i wouldn't do it. it seems a little obsessive.

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