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  • k k Dec 30, 2008 1:27 AM Flag

    Al Jefferson and Hedo vs Billups and Bynum

    whic pair would you rather have and why Al Jefferson and Hedo or C Billups and A Bynum??

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    • al and hedo...your giving two good players for billups....bynum is alright but not good

    • oooo I gotta agree with the other guys... I like the trade and probably would take it if... the Lakers were stuffed full of players. Jeff is gonna get his and Hedo is gonna get his. Billups will get his too and Bynum is probably the one I'd view as most inconsistent (if even can use that)...HOOOOWEEEEVVVA depends if u need the category boost that Billups and Bynum bring then do it. I don't think it's lopsided at all but I'd keep Al Jeff and Hedo just a little better.

    • Um...Did you see Jeffersons line today? 38-16! Bynum might hit those #s if you combine two games together. Turk does it all and is consistent. Billups has seen a spike since the trade but I don't think it will last all season and Bynum will put up 10 and 10 nightly but rarely anything more. AL AND HEDO NO QUESTION

    • Overall, I like the Big Al and Hedo side. Big Al is much better than Bynum in every way. Also, Hedo is one of the most consistent players in the league and will get his shots. The Billups side will only give you assists. The Big Al side will give you significant increase in FG%, PTS, and RBS.


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