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  • the milk man the milk man Nov 27, 2008 7:22 AM Flag

    please look at this!

    should i trade p gasol 4 c.bosh?!

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    • And, if the Lakers start playing more close games, then yes, I think that Gasol's stats will go up - winning big lets them get him more rest - when they start playing more close games, Gasol will get more minutes. I think Bosh is more valuable, I just don't think he will average 11 more points over the course of the season, and I think the difference in value is not such that it's a vetoable trade, unless you just like vetoing trades.

    • Nice to know there are still eunuch's in the world :)

    • Also, your logic is that you compare point differentials to this point in the season, and current player ranks

      ok lets go beyond that take a look at last year stats ? who did better throw those 82 games ? Bosh Maybe ? how about the year before ? bosh again .. even the stats gasol does lead on he barely lead .. bosh could catch up to him with any good day .. but gasol would have to put up a hell of alot of point to catch up to the 11 point difference .. I put my profile up not because I am insecure i put it up caus eyou were running your mouth about how would love for me to be in a league with you .. no you wouldn't you wouldn't stand a chance it why i would post mine and you won't post yours .. its ok not everybody is good at this stuff .. bottom line in my league it is very competitive and if each team was given a vote they would veto that trade bosh for gasol straight up is way to one side .. bosh have a bigger potential . gasol is what you get .. the laker are kicking ass right now do you really think his number will go up ? Kobe is even giving up stats for wins wouldn't he get the stat boost WAAAAAAYYY before gasol does ? and when the laker are in the playoffs for sure don't you think the will rest there guys toward the end of the season like they do every year ? toronto is not doing good enough to rest thier guys chances are they will have to fight for everywin and it will come down to the end .. if you had any pistons last year you know what i mean rip , billups and wallace were all shitty the last 2 week because of lack of minutes .. do you think toronto would even think about trading bosh for gasol straght up ? no fucking way

    • I'm not saying I know better than you, and I certainly wouldn't get into an intellectual fight with a multinational corporation like yahoo (even if they did just lose their CEO) - my point was, there are arguments to be made either way, even if I would happen to prefer Bosh for some of the same reasons you state. Also, your logic is that you compare point differentials to this point in the season, and current player ranks. Those are valuable tools, but, for example, Przybilla is currently much closer in value to Gasol than Gasol is to Bosh. Do you think that Gasol's value is much much closer to that of Przybilla, or Zach Randolph, who is currently ranked higher than him, than it is to Bosh?

    • Bosh doesn't lead him in either blocks or TOs, just as an FYI.

    • Hmmm.... having self-esteem issues, are we? I own Bosh also on one of my teams, but not Gasol - but that doesn't mean I think a Bosh-for-Gasol trade is unreasonable. Look at Big Board rankings, they're currently 11 spots apart. A definitely difference for sure, but not so much that I'd say that Gasol has no value and Bosh is the best thing since sliced bread, as you seem to be.

    • are you kidding me??? gasol is a monster! i took him with my first round pick and im first in my league. he is a stat filler!! bosh definetly isnt enough in this deal try and get another big like maybe... j-smoove! yea then, maybe, maybe i would think about it

    • oh and i have bosh in almost all my team this year i am holding 1 in all 3 of my leagues byt a good margin .. and not one team would i or did i select gasol

    • bosh is a top 4 fantasy player right now...he gets points boards fg% ft% and blocks....that is no where near a fair trade

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