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  • Ballin Ballin Nov 4, 2008 8:39 PM Flag

    Who needs advice?

    Fantasy sports expert here

    let me know what questions you got. Also if you are interested please read this, but if not just fire away a question!

    I know this will sound kinda like spam but its not. A friend of mine started this site a while back and I've been using it since day 1 that most of my real friends and fantasy friends use

    Now yes I get some benefit to you joining under me, but even if you don't, go check it out cuz its a really awesome site. Its called centsports and what you do is bet on sports games. There is the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Nascar, Mens and Womens Tennis, Soccer, College sports and a bunch more sports you can bet on. You get 10 cents to start out with (and 10 more free cents if you ever lose your money) to bet on games with.

    There is Over/Unders, Spreads, and straight up bets on basically everything. You can do a single bet or even up to a 5-game parlay.

    The awesome thing about CS is that you actually win real money (check or paypal). You can take that 10 cents and turn it into $1 in 1 day and to hundreds of $ over time. Some people have cashed out for over $300. I cashed out one time for $20 and another time I had $60 before losing it all. (Kept betting against Memphis in March Madness damn)

    The way CS makes money is that after you choose a bet that you want to make, you have the option to view banner ads to earn extra money on your bet so it gives you 2 options, just do the bet like a normal bet or view an ad for a 50% payout bonus. So instead of winning say $1 on a bet you would win $1.50. I personally view the ads to make the extra money because they take less than 10 seconds but its up to you.

    So its just a really cool site about sports that I think everyone would like and I hope that you join in under me but if not still go check it out. Its basically the next fantasy sports out there. Even if you don't care about the money its still cool to play and see how you do.

    My link is


    So go check it out. Its a site made by a bunch of college kids, not some big corporation. Good luck and send me a message on CS once you join! Thanks.

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