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  • BeardedOzz BeardedOzz Nov 4, 2008 8:36 PM Flag

    Ask me anything...high Basketball iq!!

    Ask me anything...

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    • paulie wanna cracker biaatche paulie wanna cracker biaatche Nov 4, 2008 11:29 PM Flag

      is this trade a good deal for me??

      i get marc gasol & mike finley in exchange for jason terry and al thornton...

      my current team in a public 12 team h2h are:
      jason kidd
      andre miller
      jason terry
      kobe bryant
      ronnie brewer
      john salmons
      al thornton
      hedo turkoglu
      anthony parker
      udonis haslem
      pau gasol *with this trade, i will finally reunite the brothers...
      andrew bynum
      spencer hawes

    • What would you do H2H 9 CATS

      Jason Terry (Dal - PG,SG) SG
      Michael Redd (Mil - SG,SF) INJ
      Rajon Rondo (Bos - PG)
      Jamario Moon (Tor - SF)
      Amare Stoudemire (Pho - PF,C)
      Al Jefferson (Min - PF,C)
      Spencer Hawes (Sac - C)
      Yao Ming (Hou - C)
      Randy Foye (Min - PG,SG)
      Jason Thompson (Sac - PF,C)
      Kevin Durant (OKC - SG,SF)
      Ramon Sessions (Mil - PG,SG)
      Russell Westbrook (OKC - PG)

    • This is a very rough team to form and shape. It is incredibly young but talented at the same time. It is probably weak at the center positions but it has incalculable potential.

      Analyze the team and talk about posible players that could be needed, players that could be dropped, possible trade scenarios... everything! Show your skill !!

      Baron Davis
      Jason Richardson
      Kevin Durant
      Michael Beasley
      Rudy Gay
      Caron Butler
      Greg Oden
      Al Hortford
      Delonte West
      Rudy Fernandez
      Anderson Varejao
      Andrea Bargnani
      Ramon Sessions

      Thats the team. The league is h2h 12 players !!!!

    • I have room for 2 on my team....I have plenty of each....pure fantasy ability

      Marc Gasol
      Marvin Williams

    • please check out my team pls... any weaknesses?

    • ^^^ From your post above

      I have considered shopping my big names... but can you give me some suggestions on who I should try trading for? Thanks!

    • I currently have Manu and Arenas on my bench in a head to head league. The problem is we only have three bench positions, so I want to drop arenas and pick someone who can help right now. Let me know who you think would be good

      Current team:

      PG Chris Paul
      SG Danny Granger
      G Kevin Durrant
      SF Al Thorton
      PF Gerald Wallace
      F Andrei Kirilenko
      C Rasheed Wallace
      C Mehmet Okur
      Util Rajon Rondo
      Util Al Harrington
      BN Udonis Haslem
      BN Arenas
      BN Manu

      These are the top players available still:

      Joakim Noah
      Wilson Chandler
      Rudy Fernandez
      Marc Gasol
      Ben Wallace
      Tyrus Thomas
      Anthony Carter
      Delonte West
      Quentin Richardson
      Jason Thompson
      James Posey
      Morris Peterson

      Who would be the best one to get? or should I just leave arenas on for now? PLEASE HELP!!

    • Whatcha think about my team?

    • Would you rather have Al Harrington or Rasheed Wallace and if i traded for them, what would i most likely have to give up? I'm thinking Beasley or Odom are people i want to trade the most...

      Tony Parker
      Ray Allen
      Derrick Rose
      Carmelo Anthony
      Michael Beasley
      Tayshaun Prince
      Dwight Howard
      Jason Maxiell
      Dwyane Wade
      Lamar Odom
      Tyrus Thomas
      Michael Redd
      Gilbert Arenas

      Post me a possible trade proposition so i can get a big man to back up Howard.. maxiell isn't gonna cut it


    • ight so im in a 6 team league with my buddies so all our steams are legit stacked. im hittin the injury bug a little, plus im jus uncertain about a few people. here is a list of some people that caught my eye that are available: thaddeus young, al thornton, rudy fernandez, udonis haslem, randy foye, mike bibby, greg oden.

      Now i have 2 tru point guards, but im really lookin for a PG/SG spot.

      Here is my team, u think i should make any moves, or wait it out?

      Baron Davis
      Josh howard
      corey maggette
      michael beasley
      gerald wallace
      emeka okafur
      tyson chandler
      andre miller
      john salmons
      josh smith
      andre igudola
      chris bosh

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