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  • Vaughn Vaughn Nov 3, 2008 4:26 PM Flag


    i went from this team out of the draft(not that bad of a team anyways) by the way im in a 12 team h2h league thats fully competitive with all people i know from work
    PG andre miller
    SG kevin martin
    G derrick rose
    SF gerald wallace
    PFcarlos boozer
    F zach randolph
    C amare stoudemire
    UTIL greg oden
    UTIL ricky davis
    BN daniel gibson
    BN jamal tinsley
    BN louis williams
    BN gilbert arenas

    to this AMAZING team
    PG dwayne wade
    SG kevin martin
    G michael redd
    SF gerald wallace
    PF dirk nowtizki
    F shawn marion
    C amare stoudemire
    UTIL ramon sessions
    UTIL derrick rose
    BN tracy mcgrady
    BN greg oden
    BN spencer hawes
    BN deshawn stevenson

    given that i know what im doing, ask me stuff and ill do my best to answer everyones questions

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    • i only have 3 bench spots... i picked up monta ellis who was a free agent... do i keep him and be patient or do i pick up someone who will be worth less now...?

    • please go down to the "am I crazy??" question and answer that please.

    • I couldnt be at my draft so it was auto-picked. where do i need help?
      Chauncey Billups
      Devin Harris
      Stephen Jackson
      LeBron James
      Rudy Gay
      Andrei Kirilenko
      Chris Kaman
      Al Jefferson
      Antawn Jamison
      Anthony Parker
      Rajon Rondo
      Ryan Gomes
      Raja Bell

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      • hmm not a bad auto pick team
        id say that your team is pretty competitive the way it is but not perfect in other words if your looking to take the competitive in every category your okay, but i think the best way to manage a fnatasy team is to lock up as many categories as you can but thats just my opinion
        i like both your guards and your forwards,
        dont really like kaman at center though i think it would be best to trade him before camby gets back
        theyre both true centers and will block up the lane for each other both offensively and defensivley much like wallace and ilgauskas have been

    • how do u think the billups iverson trade affects them fantasy wise

    • How did I do?

      So this is my first time playing fantasy sports. Its adding a lot of clever entertainment to watching hoops. I lucked out and got the 1st pick----12 team league. I also made one move and dropped Darko and picked up R Fernandez. Oh and I messed up drafting Rondo too early, but he is in the name of my team lol --- Any thoughts? Salute~

      1. (1) Chris Paul PG
      2. (24) Rudy Gay SF,PF
      3. (25) Pau Gasol PF,C
      4. (48) Tyson Chandler C
      5. (49) Rajon Rondo PG
      6. (72) Ben Gordon SG
      7. (73) Zydrunas Ilgauskas C
      8. (96) Joakim Noah PF,C
      9. (97) Anthony Parker SG,SF
      10. (120) Drew Gooden PF
      11. (121) Tayshaun Prince SF
      12. (144) Travis Outlaw SF,PF
      13. (145) James Posey SG,SF
      14. (168) Darko Milicic PF,C -- dropped/added R fernandez

    • PG Jose Calderon (Tor - PG) PGGUtilBench
      SG Kobe Bryant (LAL - SG) SGGUtilBench
      G Michael ReddINJ (Mil - SG,SF) SGGSFFUtilBench
      PF Drew Gooden (Chi - PF) PFFUtilBench
      F Corey Maggette (GS - SG,SF) SGGSFFUtilBench
      F Troy Murphy (Ind - PF,C) PFFCUtilBench
      C Al Jefferson (Min - PF,C) PFFCUtilBench
      Util Tony Parker (SA - PG) PGGUtilBench
      BN Zach Randolph (NY - PF) PFFUtilBench
      BN Marc Gasol (Mem - C) CUtilBench
      BN Tayshaun Prince (Det - SF) SFFUtilBench
      BN Marcus CambyINJ (LAC - C) CUtilBench
      BN Raymond Felton (Cha - PG,SG) PGSGGUtilBench
      BN Nate Robinson (NY - PG,SG)

      Thinking of trading Gasol, Prince, Felton. Whats your feedback to improve my roster.

    • Whatsup boss, im isaac and i too consider myself a fantasy guru. i've won every basketball fantasy league that i've taken a part of,and it's because of trades lol everyone is too uptight and unwilling to deal players i admire what u turned ur team into...A monster squad. well it would be awesome to start a league and go against u...well get back to me if u are interested..i know a player or two who would like to participate in this league

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      • hello!!!

        I am fairly new to the league and i could really use some help from you two masters!... this is my team

        Baron Davis
        Jason Richardson
        Kevin Durant
        Michael Beasley
        Rudy Gay
        Caron Butler
        Greg Oden
        Al Hortford
        Delonte West
        Rudy Fernandez
        Anderson Varejao
        Andrea Bargnani
        Wally Szczerbiak

        PLEASE help me... please! any trades i could do, starters.. everything !

    • fantasy guru? you drafted jamal tinsley LOL

    • paulie wanna cracker biaatche paulie wanna cracker biaatche Nov 3, 2008 6:48 PM Flag

      i'm on a 12 team h2h league... with autodraft settings.... can you give me advice on what improvements i could make on it, and who could i likely use as a trade bait.....

      MY TEAM:
      pg= andre miller
      pg= jason kidd
      pg/sg= jason terry
      sg= kobe bryant
      g/f= hedo turkoglu
      g/f= john salmons
      g/f= anthony parker
      g/f= ron brewer
      f= al thornton
      f/c= pau gasol
      c= andrew bynum
      c= spencer hawes
      f= udonis haslem (fa pickup in exchange for h. warrick)

      btw, here are some of the notable fa's i'm keeping my eyes on:
      pg= Antonio Daniels (WAS)
      pg= Steve Blake (POR)
      pg= Roger Mason (SA)
      pg= Anthony Carter (DEN)
      pg= Russell Westbrook (OKC)
      pg/sg= Sasha Vujacic (LAL)
      pg/sg= Daniel Gibson (CLE)
      pg/sg= Delonte West (CLE)
      sg= DeShawn Stevenson (WAS)
      sg= Cuttino Mobley (LAC)
      g/f= Quentin Richardson (NY)
      g/f= Kelenna Azubuike (GS)
      sf/pf= Hakim Warrick (MEM)
      sf/pf= Tim Thomas (LAC)
      pf/c= Ben Wallace (CLE)
      pf/c= Anderson Varejao (CLE)
      pf/c= Jason Thompson (SAC)

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      • sorry i couldnt help out sooner clearly u put alot of effort into this post

        i like your guards, alot but your forwards could definately use a boost i dont like parker or brewer and woulnt roster them on my teams, more roto type players
        as for trade bait
        i really like al thornton but i think if he has a couple more 30pt games or so you can sell HUGE on him
        baron will be taking some scoring upon return and i also look for eric gordon to get more oppurtunities unless the LA management wants to waste that beauitful shot
        i like warrick varejao and stevenson also
        all most likely last or second to last players tho
        stevensons on my sqaud simply for 3s

        as for the FAs i like tim thomas as a pickup and trade if possible,

      • paulie wanna cracker biaatche paulie wanna cracker biaatche Nov 3, 2008 7:15 PM Flag

        so what actions do you think i should do with my current roster.. it seems that it is solid but i have doubts in the long run....

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