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  • Vaughn Vaughn Nov 4, 2008 4:04 PM Flag


    michael beasley and kevin durant
    for allen iverson

    heres the thing
    most managers cant get past the fact that say someone like beasley avgs something like 15 pts 10 rebs and durant averages about 20 4 rebs and 4 asts
    even tho ais averages are simllar to durants, scoring is about equal only thing is ai gets assists

    even though with beasley and durant in your lineup on any given fantasy night
    youll get somewhere along the lines of 35 pts, 15 rebs, and maybe 10 or 11 assists out of those two players
    with ai alone you will get maybe 26 pts 4 rebs and 8 or 9 assists(love his new team for assists)
    with ai in the lineup you can afford to adds ome lower player off your bench or even of the FA list and easily get more then those 35 pts 15 rebs and 10 assists that beasly and durant get you

    its all about getting the best starting lineup, even if your bench is awful but your lineup is great
    because the last thing you want is to have to make a decision on who to start between 3 players that are about the same at the sam position
    get your main guys clear spots in your lineups
    then get guys at the end of your rotation that are specialists in the fields your starters arent great at
    for instance i dont like deshawn stevenson for anything other then threes, and since i have a team that gets me alot of everything but threes its a good idea to have him at the end like in a UTIL spot


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