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  • Vaughn Vaughn Nov 3, 2008 7:44 PM Flag


    unfortunately you have many players i advise avoiding
    not a knock on you just the luck of the draw i guess
    i hate sheed
    hate harrington
    hate udrih
    hate odom

    first we need to establish that unless you can get cp3 or nash in the deal NEVER trade deron hes amazing and regret not having him again this year
    after youve established players you dont wanna trade try to work deals around with guys like harrington and sheed with a more conventional big man appraoch
    right now this team is good at 3s and avergae at everything else
    try to establish big men
    i can stress that enough because big men get PTS REBS STLS BLKS FG%
    i usually throw out ft% but thats your choice
    so anyways try to trade those players stated above for more big men/forwards and an established assist guy

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    • Do you have any specific players that i can get for those four? Its hard to grab someone decent because these players are all playing poorly.

    • this is true i wouldnt buy on any of these guys right now
      your best hope is to shop em around a little for a 15 pt 10 reb guy at least maybe a 20pt 10+ reb guy(ideal)
      but other then that the only thing to really do is HOPE some of these guys have a streak of two or three games where they do well
      remember that theyre not as good as theyre playing right then
      trade them to someone hot for the hot players


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