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  • Living on A Prayer Living on A Prayer Nov 3, 2008 7:35 PM Flag


    Ok it has already been the first week, and im down at the bottom.Damn foye and udrih. Should have picked up a better pg. I think i should have tried to secure categories rather than spread it out. Now i need some help.

    12 teams H2H. Here are my players.:

    Deron Williams
    Randy Foye
    Beno Udrih
    Ron Artest
    Al Harrington
    Yao Ming
    Rashard Lewis
    Lamar Odom
    Wilson Chandler
    Brook Lopez
    Luke Ridnour

    Its still early, but i really think i need to change my point guards if anything. Any suggestions?

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    • unfortunately you have many players i advise avoiding
      not a knock on you just the luck of the draw i guess
      i hate sheed
      hate harrington
      hate udrih
      hate odom

      first we need to establish that unless you can get cp3 or nash in the deal NEVER trade deron hes amazing and regret not having him again this year
      after youve established players you dont wanna trade try to work deals around with guys like harrington and sheed with a more conventional big man appraoch
      right now this team is good at 3s and avergae at everything else
      try to establish big men
      i can stress that enough because big men get PTS REBS STLS BLKS FG%
      i usually throw out ft% but thats your choice
      so anyways try to trade those players stated above for more big men/forwards and an established assist guy

    • Forgot to include rasheed wallace

    • This is my first Fantasy and i missed half my draft. Im in a 8 team h2h and im not sure about some things. here's my line up.
      PG Steve Nash
      SG Corey Maggette
      G Joe Johnson
      SF Rudy Gay
      PF David West
      F Tracy McGrady
      C Tyson Chandler
      C Al Horford
      Util James Posey
      BN Ray Allen
      BN Mike Bibby
      BN Rajon Rondo
      BN Manu Ginobili

      I seem to have alot of guards, and maybe lacking some boards and rebs. But do you have any tips?

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      • yes u have way too many guards
        try to sell maggette high right now ifu can get the right deal
        otherwise even with your big men try to get an established 20/10 guy instead of a few 10/10 guys then work around that
        a good/realistic deal for you would be
        give horford chandler maggette and maybe a little something
        get michael redd/al jefferson

        just try to forget your depth for now and get some big names then try to make some pickups


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