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  • Paul S Paul S Apr 18, 2008 2:15 PM Flag

    My take on streaming. Listen up!

    I'm sick of hearing the whining. "He's playing more games than me." "What a cheater." This fantasy basketball thing is built on strategy and your free agent pickups, even in limited pickup leagues, are maybe the most important thing to a team's success. It's as important as the draft. Did everyone think that you were going to draft a team and then check it at season's end to see what place you finished? Everyone can and should pick up players every week to maximize production. It's called strategy and isn't that what fantasy basketball is about?

    The pu s sies who b itch about it probably don't have any basketball knowledge and don't have a clue who to pick up. So they keep Quentin Richardson and Derek Fisher and Keith Bogans on their bench because they've never even heard of Beno Udrih and Francisco Garcia. It's like they want to play poker with the cards facing up. It's weak and these people need to turn in their man card and get the sand out of their panties.

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    • Some fag who knows nothing about basketball decided to play Fantasy Bball and had a terrible draft. That fag kept losing so he thought of streaming. And all you that follows this method are nothing but faggots!!

      Anyone can stream!! ANY FREAKIN ONE. It takes wisdom and insight to draft for gold.

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      • [Quote] "It takes wisdom and insight to draft for gold"

        I might add LUCK. Your drafting position. And hope none of your gold gets hurt. What would you do if you drafted Gilbert Arenas,Yao Ming,Jermaine Oneal, and Elton Brand would you not stream thoes players? If not, you would surely not fair well in any league.

    • i agree 100% dude. I streamed my way to 2 CHAMPIONSHIPS. It's just like "EA SPORTS" IT'S IN THE GAME, STOP CRYING LIL' BITCHES

    • Here's my take... who seriously cares? You derelicts should really stop beating off to nba box scores and get a life. It's just a stupid game for fun. Like it takes so much talent to play fantasy sports... your lives must be pretty pathetic to take this sh!t so serious! Maybe you should have a couple lower ribs removed so that you can suck your own dick a little easier while you're admiring your fantasy trophies.

    • Amen! Apparently some people if they were fortuante enough to not suffer injuries to some of their main players feel those of us who did are supposed to meekly roll over and concede. Not a chance! The rules allow (and encourage) the use of the waiver wire, Strategy is what it is all about and what makes this fun!

    • i stand on both sides of the fence on this one. first off i'd like to say to those against streaming. show me where in the rules it says streaming is cheating. you can't find it because it's not there. streaming is a fair and useful strategy to those who have injury issues and players not producing which is a problem at the end of the season. players getting benched waiting for the playoffs to begin. petty injuries that would normally not keep a guy out of the line up now have him sitting. look at the owners of ron artest. that guy was useless at the end of the season. do you expect these owners just to quit. thats alot of production to make up for and adding just one FA isn't going to match that production. artest's stat line was 20 points 2 3ptm 5 reb 4 assists 2 steals and a block now and again. chances are there are no FA's that will make that up by themselves so you'll need to get multiple games to make it up. say artest was suppose to play 4 games in a particular week. that could take as many as 8 to 9 moves to make up for that weekly production using FA fodder. generally most FA's aren't going to produce in all those catagories so you have to find specialists to fill those stats. pick up rebounds one day, get steals the next and so on. for those who protect streaming, this is my thought. what it sounds like to me is that most of the people defending streaming on these boards don't really realize what streaming actually is. getting a couple of extra games here and there is not streaming. dropping 5 or 6 guys a day everyday is. this is a strategy that is only useful in a couple of occasions. 1: if there are no other managers in your league that are using this strategy and 2: if your team isn't that good to begin with. the reason you have so many players you can drop is because your team isn't that good. sure, most teams have a player or two they can move without regret. streamers move 90% of there roster every week because they can. while all the other teams are stocking their teams up with players they'd hate to drop you sit there and use this to your advantage. without anyone else making moves you get to use the entire FA list as your bench. the other managers are scared to drop anyone because they don't want to trade a good player for a situational player knowing that player they just dropped will not make it back to their team so they sit and hope for the best. streaming really is an advantage for the weaker team. streaming for injury is ok with me. streaming for strategy isn't. no point in drafting if your just going to drop more than half your draft now is there? and to argue your statement about the people who complain about streaming having no basketball knowledge. quite the opposite. they are complaining because they used their basketball knowledge to build their team as well as they could get it just to watch it get beaten by simple mathmatics. just because you stream doesn't mean you know anything about basketball. it just means you've figured out a loop hole in the system. most people who stream begin to depend on it. most streamers couldn't hang in a league with a move limit per week. they get good at this strategy and roll with it. ask any streamer if they'd like to join a max moves per week league and they'd say no. from your post it seems that you aren't an actual streamer. i agree that adding a player here or there is good strategy. especially in the playoffs. when you drop more than half of your roster everyday isn't. to the streamers that disagree with me. start a league next year with nothing but streamers and see how that works out. there'd never be any FA's because they'd all be on waivers. that would be interesting. let us all know how that works out.

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      • but as i've mentioned before, streaming as a strategy is a winning solution in that you get to actually think whether you ARE going to stream or not. Now, streaming for streaming's sake is $tupid in the first place because that doesn't guarantee you a win.

        To answer your question as to whether a league full of streamers works or not, then no it won't. Show me a manager who streams for streaming's sake and I'll show you a manager with a not so very good winning ratio overall.

        I think a manager with good knowledge of sleepers and good awareness of upcoming injuries, assured playoff places and vice versa, and number of games per player per week will beat a streamer any time. I've proved this in many occasions.

    • Streaming is ok I guess. I hadn't seen it before this season's playoffs. I got 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in my four leagues. I didn't really stream, but I was active in the playoffs. I did get blown out by two streamers in the one league where I got 4th - those guys probably had 30-40 different players on their rosters during the week/1.5weeks I played against them. It was pretty annoying IMO.

      I'm going to employ an anti-streaming strategy next year by picking up and dropping all reasonable FA's during the playoffs. I will leave the FA's which I deem to have too serious flaws (extremely poor FG%, FT%, turnover machines) alone so that streamers will have to essentially spot me 3 categories in order to get the dubious gains from streaming many low production players.

      Obviously I'm not mad about streaming. Its not a technique that I will be employing bc I think that you can do better by having a solid group of 12 that you (ideally) wouldn't shift during the playoffs. Variations in playing time, injuries, slumps, etc.. still happen during the playoffs so I think its important to remain active and look for mistakes by other players during the playoffs (I beat a streamer in the finals of my lone win; he dropped Chandler, Horford and Dunleavy - I only got Chandler and Dunleavy for 1 game, but I barely won @ 5-4 w/ Dunleavy shooting a ridiculous FG% over many attempts, giving me the win bc FG% was the swing category).

      Whatever, its all good as long as its not some kind of colluding angle-shooting BS, which streaming isn't. Its a double-edged sword which can be beaten IMO.

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      • This has been discussed for years. I've been playing fantasy bball for at least 8 years now and there is nothing wrong with what you call "streaming". It's probably a term coined by sore losers who don't know how to play Yahoo FBBall.

        In a competitive league where managers are mature, thinking individuals, it's perfectly acceptable. It's part of one's strategy and it's not always win-win. You can lose out on TO's, FG%, FT%, Techs (if in your league), etc.

        I've won and lost playoff matches by employing this method, so my take is this. You still have to think about it, at the end of the day. "Streaming" or whatever anyone wants to call it, will only give you an advantage if you analyze your players' and NBA stats.

        Winning with this method only proves that a manager is aware of the league, his players, what goes on in the NBA, on a regular basis. Ain't that the point of this whole game in the first place?

        So stop whinin' losers, and learn from it. Those who complain probably haven't played long enough.

        What's more irritating, I think, are losing managers who let go of all their top players after getting beat, or if they miss out on the top 6. This gives an unfair disadvantage to legit managers who have worked their butts off the whole season.

        Moral of the story? Clever winning managers are always better off than sore losers.

    • I am sure the ethical question concerning streaming will not be answered here. However, these things are worth pondering.

      First, Yahoo, has provided settings options for private leagues to allow commissioners to limit the number of roster moves. However, in Public Leagues, they use no limit as the default setting. To me, this implies, that daily roster changes is the expected norm for the game designers.

      Second, Mr Jon Loomer is a fantasy game writer for NBA.COM. Here's what he had to say about the issue in a January chat session at NBA.com.

      Q: Mr Loomer I'm unfortunately playing in a h2h daily league where guys are add/dropping to get more games a week, is my only chance to win the league to fight fire with fire?

      A: You bet. Use the rules to your advantage. It's not cheating if there's no rule against it. Keep your core group of players, but absolutely keep that lineup active.

      Streaming is not the exception, it's the norm. If you're not using the strategy effectively, you are foolishly tying one hand behind your back and daring your opponent to hit you. Whining through bloodied lips afterward that you were sucker punched does not improve your stature in the hood.

      I honestly believe that few people want to cheat at a game. Victory is hollow when you cheat. Cheating is poor sportsmanship.

      Crying after losing, complaining about the umpire's calls, ridiculing the vanguished are well accepted as "poor sportsmanship". Acknowledging the skill of your opponent in defeat is considered good sportsmanship. Offering him a challenge to a rematch is also considered good sportsmanship.

      Just make sure that when you challenge for a rematch, you specify the rules, and you bring your A-game. Otherwise your face will be red all over again.

      Good Luck next year all

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      • Hey Bean- I agree with your post on streaming. However, I would point out one thing. Theoretically, most people should not want to cheat in order to win, but win legitimately and thus derive more satisfaction. However, if you view the posts, you will see that many commissioners this year abused their commissioner controls to win illegitimately. Yahoo gives the commissioners too much power, the temptation is there and the cheating has been rampant this year. As far as ethics, I don't see streaming as an ethical question; it is really very simple. The settings are established and streaming is either permitted or not depending on those settings. Those managers who complain about streaming as unethical simply exhibit poor sportsmanship. I advise them next year to search for leagues with established maximum roster moves.
        There is no crying in Fantasy Basketball!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, I agree and I would add the following:
      It might be that they don't know about the great free agents you mentioned, it might also be that they are lazy. Rather than picking up free agents themselves, after all these FA's are available to everyone, and FA's on the waiver wire are available subject to waiver priority. What could be more fair. However, these complaining pussies want to penalize those who know how to play the fantasy game to level the playing field.
      Goods points and well said!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Right on dude! Read my post named "I dare you to read this", it's basically the same thing. everyone complains about streamers saying its not legit strategy or in the real world it wouldn't work...do they forget this is called "fantasy" sports.

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      • you know whats funny that if people would check up on all the expert analysis when the playoffs started. they tell you not to be afraid to drop players and pick otheres ones up everyday so you can boost your statistics. so its not cheating when yahoo is giving you the advice to do that. so hell thats what i did for the championship game and so did my challenger and it was decided by me having 5 extra players playing. thats y EVRYONE MANAGES THERE OWN TEAM.


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