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    How to play H2H Fantasy Basketball - my take.

    So the season is over! I'm seriously laughing my head off on all the guys shell-shocked by the change-up when the playoffs kick in and then the championship frenzy... Maybe you guys are just pulling my leg and having a grand ole time (which I hope is the case).

    At the same time -- I feel bad for those guys who are genuinely frustrated. So before you hang it up, read on. Here's my take on it. And you can flame me all you want. Just some friendly advice and its all off the top of my head... Here goes.

    Fantasy basketball is a beautiful thing. There are basically three main stages: a) regular season, b) playoffs, and then if you make it c) the championship.

    The regular season is more or less like a cross between momentum trading (on the stock market) and a chess match. There are three main goals in the regular season, 1) refine your team thru trades and waivers, 2) get into the playoffs with the best seeding possible, and 3) try and stop your opponents from achieving the first two goals. This portion of the game is about getting lucky in the draft, and reacting fast enough to minimize an injury to your teams performance by picking up waivers. Sometimes a player is too good to just drop and you just have to suck it up. Its also about trading in areas you are deficient in with other teams who are deficient where you are strong. And then finally -- its about figuring out how to stack your lineup so that you win. There are several tricks to all this that I won't go into here -- but if you think about those three goals -- you will come up with some of those tricks I am sure... ;)

    The playoffs happen right before the actual NBA playoffs. So, in case you didn't know -- now you know! Some have complained about people who put in scrubs to have a full lineup to offset a superior team. Don't buy into the hype on that tactic. It can work -- but its not as easy as it seems. Basically if we presume the guy putting in scrubs is picking up "bad" players -- there are three stats that work against him -- TOs (just by shear numbers), FG, and FTs... Not to mention -- if they are bad players -- you won't see much in the way of 3s or blks. You also have to remember that your superior players can probably score and rebound for every 2-3 players he puts in... If you do the math -- you still should be able to edge him. My rule of thumb for the playoffs is if my players can play 3-4 times in a week -- I'm not gonna drop them. Their productivity should offset his scrubs -- even in numbers.

    But, when championship week comes around -- all bets are off. You have to start looking at the actual NBA playoff picture... 1) Is the team still trying to get into the playoffs? 2) Are they sitting pretty and want to rest up their guys? 3) Who are the second stringers that they would want to get some playing time to help the bench get ready for the playoffs... These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself. Ex: As far as the Detroit Pistons, I have R. Wallace... I sat him for championship week after the Pistons locked the #2 spot -- and went for Maxiell to grab the rebounds. I had to let go of my expectation that R. Wallace was gonna drop 3s and give me blks. The dynamic of the game literally changes overnight once a team is in the playoffs and is just waiting for the season to end. You have to plan for this.

    Hope that helps you guys. And we'll see you next season! Yah, I know -- I got way too much time on my hands... :)

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    • well said. it's a tough hobby. you have to be tenacious to win. it's six months watching games, checking scores, checking injuries to the point you even check the local online newspapers like the Miami Sun Sentinel, Deseret News (Utah), New Jersey Star Ledger or New Orleans Times Picayune for any insider tips.

      ok, if streaming was banned to appease the critics, I'm sure fantasy players will still find something creative to win. streaming is the great equalizer. but use only when necessary, because you'll eventually run out of good players to pick.

      beside getting great players in the draft, you have to consider the schedule. in my league, one leader was brought down in the second half of the season because his players didn't have good schedules, he was dominating in the first half. some players who thought their team was great and didn't trade, didn't make the playoffs.

    • you read my mind, it's exactly how I proceed thru the season ... last 2 years 8 H2H leagues, of which 2 are winners league and the results 8 championships ... but don't tell all the secrets (BG)

    • fantastic post especially regarding championship week. i also picked up maxiell and benefitted and i also got little known ramon sessions from milwaukee who is probably going to be a star in the league next year, i'm going to take him if i cant get chris paul next season. anyway sessions had a great nite and offset my opponents jason kidd triple double allowing me to win my league. So A+ post!

    • is ture... i was lucky enough to have a lot of west conference players... was hard fought race, made for good numbers.

    • Chad H needs to read your message. He needs some counseling right now. LOL

    • hey i hate to say it but this guy makes a lot of sense. You have to be constantly checking your guys.

    • Everybody keeps advising about drop your bottom players or roll with what you have. My league has 13 slots 10 starters 3 bench. My team is Paul, Bryant, Granger, Josh Smith, Okafor, Camby, D. Williams, Jefferson, Baron Davis, D. Howard, T. Chandler, Jamison, and J.R. Smith. Now who the heck am I suppose to drop out that bunch without giving my opponent an advantage? Tuesday I had 10 playing, Wednesday 6, Thursday 4, Friday 8 Saturday 10, Sunday 3 Mon 4 Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 10. That's a total of 62 when my opponent Streams for a max total of 90. That means that if my guys average 20 pts 10 reb 7 ast 2 stl 2 bls between them all. All he has to average is 13 pts 6 reb 4ast 1stl and 1 bls. On Tuesday I noticed he made a lot of adds and drops which didn't worry me too much cause I beat him on Tuesday and had enough for him Wednesday. Wednesday he did it again and max out for Thursday when I only had 3 guys playing so I dropped 3 of my players D. Williams, Granger and J.R. Smith and added 3 more players to have an competitive roster number to his. Now that is not too bad but here is where I have a problem. When I try to put in a waiver claim to get one if not all of those players back I get a prompt saying I can't pick them up until they clear waivers. Which opens up the doors for my opponent to grab all of them to torch me for the weekend. So I go into the weekend where if I keep my roster intact I would have 10 playing Saturday but i didn't so now I have 8 playing. Being that I was behind on everything but FG%, TO and Techs I drop Howard and Bryant to give me 10. Now my line up for the whole week is jacked up because even though my players played well this week we were behind because of my opponent sheer ability to max out games and snatch up my players when I release them to try to keep up. If this was a fair system I should at least have the ability to grab my own players on the waiver wire to counter my opponent just like he countered me. But it's a one way street that's built for weaker teams. Fantasy Welfare that's what I call it!

    • YESSIR!!! This is why I went undefeated...

    • I agree on all your assessments as well as the fact that there are more hidden strategies in that goody bag you're talking about. I'm in mourning cuz I did all that and then some, and still the fantasy gods were zapping my H2H squad the last two nights of champ week.

      Here's my sob story...lucked out in the draft despite my draft position being 10 of 10...cruised throughout the regular season by 16 W's over second place...saved a majority of my transactions for playoffs and didn't even have to use them up...lucked out with minimal injuries all year...grabbed some scrub-turned-peak performers at the right time (CQuinn, RNesterovic)...barely scraped by into the championship game...grabbed some more scrubs-turned-peak-performers at the right time (John Salmons, Channing Frye and Ramon Sessions...did you hear me...Ramon Sessions)...and lost the trophy by 4 points despite entering the last day of games with a 70 point lead.

      All of my opponent's starters played full games (Granger, Iguodala, Josh Smith, Aldridge, Bogut, Charlie V), while all my big guns were sat (Boozer, Amare, Hedo, Dwight). Hell, even Jason Terry goes off for 30 pts for my opponent whereas he didn't do squat for me the whole year I owned his rights.

      It came down to my opponent's one player (Aldridge) v. 3 of my players (Amare, Boozer, Channing Frye) in the second half of the last couple of games of the regular season. Even with Amare and Boozer sitting, all I needed was for Frye to score one more point than Aldridge. What does McMillan do? He sits all his starters except for Aldridge and Frye, but plays Aldridge 9 more minutes than Frye. Even though Frye was shooting a much better percentage on the night, Aldridge ends up scoring 16 pts to Frye's 13 pts.

      If Frye had scored one more point than Lamarcus, my fantasy squad would have been crowned 2008 Champs by a score of 5-4. Instead the final score was 5-5, with the tiebreaker going to my opponent for winning the PTS cat by 4 pts.

      I'm wearing my black suit all summer.

    • Reading this was like reading my mind, I succeeded in steps A & B refined my team, addressed a weakness, strengthened offensive rebounding, looked at other guys down the stretch, went all Spencer Hawes this week. I did however play my first season this year for Basketball, It was 10 team H2H, I don't think I pulled it off, the %'s are to the .005% (not even enough to register a "Carmelo" in this state). I learned on the job with the playoffs and my "stars". I had the Big 3 & Rondo, OUCH!, Mike Miller & Rasheed Wallace, OUCHIE OUCH. But again, these guys propelled me to a 12-1 stretch over 13 weeks during the REGULAR season, I cant complain. I simply didn't execute well enough as a manager this week... 2nd best was all I deserved I guess... Live and Learn.

      Great Read!!

      I enjoyed it and hope we can end up in a league together, be it hardbal, roundball, or um, oblong ball?

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