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    Its bad enough that you spend every single day of your life adding and dropping players in an attempt to win a free fantasy league. But then with your down time you come in here and defend your streaming ways everyday! You fools are squares! lmao

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    • SORE LOSER. whahahahhah

    • I won 250 today by streaming you f a g g o t.

    • Stop crying losers. I streamed against streamers all year and won it tonight. You f a g s that dont pick and play with players never get to experience 24 assist by a scrub from the Bucks or 9 3's from R. Davis.
      Keep playing the "right" way and losing... you sorry sons of bit-ches

    • This guy is just a loser looking for attention. Pay him no mind...

    • Alright so if its free, then why does it matter if they add and drop players to stack their points? You sound a bit bitter, is it because you lost to someone who did this? And by the way, why don't you practice what you preach and get a life. Who would you waste your time coming here and throwing yourself a pity party?

    • hahaha...lol..i stream all the time and i ain't ashamed to admit it...second yr of playing this stuff and it looks like i'll be taking 3 campionships and a third palce trophy...whooowhooooT POWER TO THE STREAMERS!!!.......

    • your on here more then anyone. What the hell are you talking about. all you do is come on here and talk tuff. your so sad!! talk about pathetic! You come on here everyday and write post after post and bitch and whine about how no body has a life and streams suck blah blah blah. Talk about no life!! Chirst man! You wright more post then streamers make moves. You fucking moron. What the hell are talking about!! You really are sad! What a f*ck stick! SHUT THE F@CK UP ALREADY! No one cares about your faggit league, your moronic post. or how many championships you have one. Yes i streamed in the Championship game just like the other guy it was fun it was very competitive and i won. And guess what it will look the same on my profile then it would on yours. 1st place


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