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  • Killer A Killer A Apr 15, 2008 12:21 PM Flag

    OH, KNOCK IT OFF!!!!

    All this arguing about streaming, you all sound like a bunch of dildos. It is a difference in managing styles clear and simple.

    Some prefer to play the team they drafted quietly making moves only to improve their team. These teams are more likely to make good trades. It is more like a chess game to them. It is a cerebral approach that requires patience, knowledge of the game and the ability to accurately assess all teams in the league. These managers are better suited for roto leagues and are inclined to join/create keeper leagues.

    Others prefer to be involved in a more chaotic paced game. They are not comfortable sitting pat. They drop good players just because they are not playing for a day or two and pickup players that would never be on a team in a roto league. It is constant motion. They are more in tune with the process of creating the most points possible than having the best team possible. They play for the moment and are better suited to points leagues.

    Both of these managing styles come together in H2H leagues. Neither is cheating and neither is unethical. One is not any more competitive than the other, they are simply two different creatures. For a manger who plays one style to think he is any better or smarter than a manger playing the other is stupid. You are comparing apples to oranges.

    It is a shame Yahoo has not figured the simple solution of two different types of H2H leagues (after the MS buyout it won't matter anyway.) but it is what it is. Remember, you are only playing for a virtual trophy in a fantasy sports league. Quit taking it so damn personally and quit thinking so much of yourself. After all, all it really is is a way to kill a few minutes a day.

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