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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 15, 2008 4:59 AM Flag

    Waivers Clear at 5,6 or 7 am???

    dude i have no idea, but yahoo needs to change the thing where it says it updates at 12am, cause thats a load of bull. im fucking sleepy right now :[

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    • Yeah, this fuckin sucks...I got up early to check it out and pick up some guys that clear 4/15, but it hasn't updated and it 5:15 am where I am...midnight shit is BS...over 5 hours should be long enough to let a computer update all the stats, plus there are less games to worry about since a lot of people aren't even playing right now...this is my first year doing the Yahoo basketball and I have enjoyed it for the most part...I'm winning a close 5-4 championship game, but yahoo should make some changes for next year...if nothing else but to shut the fuking whiners up about people making too many waivers and just put a cap on moves made...I think the person that is most active deserves to win more than the person who just sets a weekly lineup and doesn't pay attention...but they should also have a set time when everything updates...at least don't change it when the playoffs are going on, there is no reason why they could do it at 430 am during the season and now they just do it when they feel like it...


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