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    message for streamers

    Im glad i found out about this basketball league scam thing. it only makes me feel more talented that i should have won. that means I have now won gold trophies in basketball baseball and football now. You will never get another trophy in any other sport besides basketball. There are no loop holes in football or basketball. it does suck though that a pathetic weasel like you with no sports knowledge is going to scam his way to a gold trophy. its kool. it just makes me appreciate my football and baseball trophys that much more. It takes a true scam artist to beat me. I grew up playing basketball baseball and football since I was able to walk and I would bet my life you have never even worn a jock strap. I would tell u that i hope u feel guilty about the way your going to win. But that would be a waste becuase people like you already have no pride or shame. I try to understand people like u and all it does is anger me. It makes me hate people like barry bonds and roger clemens even more. People who will do whatever it takes at all costs. Even there pride. I cant understand it. I never will. I dont want to. If there is a heaven and hell. I hope I go to the place u dont go. Becuase i would never want to be stuck in a place full of heartless cowards for the rest of eternity. I feel sorry for your father. My pride stems down from my father and family name. What your doing says a lot about you and your family as well. This is not just a win or a loss. This is a way of life. If you find loop holes here in a free fnatasy league. i cant imagine how cheap you are in real life. Prolly the kind of guy that goes to buy a 25 cent pack of gum. And when he hands u back 75 cents. U go...wtf...i gave u a 20...lol....i have no respect for you...once again...the fact u worship jesus christ...does not at all suprise me...good luck next year in your winner league cheap skate. Next year im not going to drop anybody. i already feel like crap just for dropping the 4 guys i did. I hate myself for it. i cant stand the fact that I stopped down to your level. I feel like dropping all of my players now. I feel like half a man with no pride. And this is a free fantasy league. How do u live like this? I want to ask u what it like having no pride. But now I know. I know why you god worshippers tell each other you can kill and murder and simply ask for forgiveness on your death bed and go to heaven. Well i dont wanna go there. I dont wanna be around child molesters and cowards and rapists. Fantasy league cheaters especially. Id rather go to hell with the manly men who took life on for what it is. A world filled with evil 2 faced cowards like you. Who will do whatever it takes to feel accomplished. Its just to bad you were not born with that feeling like me. But i guess thats kinda hard for you. becuase where im packing 8 inches. your packing a weiner in a blanket. thats where it all starts buddy....no pride equals small dick...

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