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  • Tony Tony Apr 14, 2008 3:06 PM Flag

    Maybe NOT cheating, BUT IT IS CHEAP!

    This: is it cheating or gamesmenship, is dumb! You just have the most time and NO life if you do this player swaping EVERYDAY! You don't have the best team you just have no life. sorry. A Cap on moves in a week would be cool. LIke maybe 3? If you do 3 in a week only one the next? Something needs to be done! If you do that and win your league, we laugh and point at you. That is why Football is better. play once a week. That cool. Baesball and Basketball have this same flaw. Enjoy your imaginary championship!

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    • Only douche bags who have no skill or respect for the game will stream.

    • Turning over your roster and streaming players takes more talent than sitting on your team for the whole year. If you don't want to be an active manager- don't play.

      Streaming is clearly not cheating- if you'd like managers not to stream set up your own league with max moves. Maybe you can find someone else that likes to not be active with you.

    • You're just a sore loser!!! You said it yourself that it's not cheating, so why be so bitter?? My opponent in head to head also did that to me in the semis but i managed to beat him. That's just a strategy for players w/ inferior team so you just have to live w/ that! At least, he doesn't tamper w/ your lineup.

    • very true, the guy that is competeing against me in one of my leagues for the campionship has 30 players on his matchup roster!! you shouldnt be able to pick whoever is playing miami that day... rule change needed

    • I agree with you mate. These types have no life , I've got better things to do (living life) rather than making multiple moves everyday.

    • The topic creator is a huge loser. Get a life man.

    • so basic's of your outlook on playing is ..draft and wait and see who is the winner at the end of the season (might as well lock all the rosters after the draft)...To me thats just playing..lets see who has the best players with the least injuries...

      I play I'm going to beat you..(my opponent..it's me against you (whoever)..) and the same as I would in any game..I'm going to..within the rules.. do my best to win....so laugh and point all you want if I win.. but I still beat you (whoever)..not my draft picks beating your draft picks..but me beating you..and thats what i play any game for..to win..within the given rules.

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      • read the post over u stupid loser. i said your team should be locked at the start of each week. the only reason u should be able to drop a guy is if he gets injured. if he gets his playing time spiked or gets demoted further down the bench. Then thats your fault. you should have picked up a better player. I didnt make this draft. I did not even make the first 3 weeks of the season. I dropped all my weak players for players on the waiver wire i thought would do good for me. That would make it fair. I would understand why you would not want to play fair. I mean lifes not fair right? look at my weiner and then look at yours? its just not fair....i feel your pain bro...do whatever it take man...do whatever it takes to be the best...lol.....

    • i found a way to beat the basebqall cheaters....i beat two in a row....you draft all 5 tool players and 4 closers...then u draft good pitchers last....mussina....millwods...randy wolfs...zitos...plenty of talent down there....last year i got hudson in round 10 and buehlre in 21. Basketball is a scam there is no way. But I beat 2 baseball scammers. i felt so good about it i changed my name to the lord god of fantasy baseball. When u beat a winner league scam artists. thats how u know u got talent. I lvoe your post....good stuff

    • I love making moves mother fukerz... I had a 9 round pick in the draft and my draft picks didn't go my way (injuries, duds, and old farts) and I made moves all year long in a no max move league. Take advantage of the league setting because its all about that ...W...

    • STOP YOUR WHINNING ! Who cares the whole idea of the game is to WIN. How you win is your business. Make a lot of moves, hey within the rules, if you want to be honorable, kool but dont WHINE when your team doesn't win or performs the way you want it to in crunch time. Cheap, flimsy, without honor, call it what you want, if you win all it says in the trophy room is 1st 2nd or 3rd. And I'll choose first everytime, no matter how i get there.

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