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    public league scam artists

    Beat this guy 5-4 today. Though it was over. I have nobody playing tomorow. He dropped 7 scrubs on his team and how he in having 10 guys go tomorow to my 6. When i realized that i checked his stats. he has been doing it since staurday. he has already played 7 more games then me yet i beat him. Its to bad theres 3 more days. I dont think i will win now. In the next 3 days. he has 30 games played to my 22. If he wins i will be very upset!

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    • You suck, crybaby!

    • nobody said u have to win with who u drafted....but dropped the 5 players ion your team who are not playing the next day is heartless. Whats the point of even drafting? why dont we all just play waiver wire basketball. lol

    • It is perfectly legal, and it is a strategy, but its a stupid and cheap way for guys with weaker players and a weaker team to compete in the finals...He makes a decent point here, why go head to head all year long just to have the finals come down to who can plug in the most guys and play the most games...ITs stupid to have 25 weeks or whatever it is, being played one way, and then throwing everything out the window in the final week. Yeah fine its legal, but it isnt a legit way to play. If you can make the championship with your team, why end the season by playing Corey Brewer and Tyrus Thomas just so you can play more games? It isnt head to head when this stuff happens, because head to head would imply that two teams are going at it with the rosters that theyve developed and used all season...Thats not the case when you try to win by playing 10 extra games. I KNOW that both teams can do it, and ive had to adapt too, but I just dont personally think its as fun or the way it should be.

    • It is YOUR fault. "I thought it was over". That is your fault buddy. Pay closer attention to the rules and your opponents. This is by no means a scam.

    • You're right, it feels like you're being scammed and yet everything your opponent is doing is within the rules. There is a solution however. Next year sign up for a league that limits roster movement or better yet create one yourself and set the rules up that you prefer. One league I'm in not only counts 3pts. but counts 3 pt pct as well. same with reb and off reb. The default settings in yahoo leagues allow teams who limp into the playoffs to then make constant roster changes and try to squeeze out a victory in the playoffs. This rewards "GM" skills for the short season and devalues the "GM" skills displayed during the long season. I once one a league by over 20 games and lost in the finals to some one who dropped/added their way past me.

    • Its not scam time, its called balling. You may be young to FFB but once you learn the ropes you will learn that you will always want to have more players playing the team you are playing, it will increase your chances of winning. So you'll learn to add and drop players frequently or should I say daily when it comes to playoff time. I'm in the finals and I have made 30 moves in the championship alone, now if I wouldn't have lost Yao and had so many players get hurt and then come back playing poorly like Rafer Alston I wouldn't have made so many moves, but now thats my strategy and it working, but its hurt me too. With the team he has that is the smartest move.

    • ya this commish in my leage names AJEEZY. im playing him in the finals and i was beating him real bad. he changed his team completely he got lebron chris paul steve nash dirk. he just stacked his team so he could beat me what a damn looser. i dropped my whole team and picked up injured players because it was not even worth it. DON"T EVER PLAY WITH FAGMO AJEEZY.

    • It is not a scam and what he's doing is prefect legal and smart.

    • you do realize that what he's doin is perfectly legal and really quite normal and you can and should do the same thing?!?!


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