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  • Is it considered cheating, when there is no waivers in my league and i drop stars who are not playing the next day for scrubs who are? I do it just to get some pts. Like today for Monday i added Fransisco Garcia, John Salmons, and Deshawn Stevenson. And for tuesday i added Mike Conley, Al Thorton, and Al Horford. But, the way i go about is. I add players who are playing the next day 5 mins before the clock strikes midnight in the west, and then after midnight i re-add all my stars to play them tuesday/wednesday. Would you consider this cheating to win a league? The commissioner who i'm vsin in the finals says so, he thinks i should let it ride off day or not. So, let me know what you all think. Is it right, or wrong?

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    • ya its cheap you .whats the point of drafting players.if your just gonna drop pick your way through.what a joke never been done to me.so not bitter at all.if you feel good about cheating then do it

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      • No one can still say for certain if it's cheating. If it was cheating there would be a lock on the FA list and all you can do is set your team up daily. The whole purpose is to make moves and manage your team. If you choose to manage your team by adding and dropping players everyday, so be it, it's clearly within the rules. If you choose to stand by your team and gut it out with the team you drafted at the beginning of the season then whatever, good for you. But don't whine and moan if you don't make the playoffs and or win the league championship if the add dropper wins, just means he managed his team better than you.

        Those who believe it's cheating are hypocrites anyway, because all during the season if you made just one move then you are like the rest. If you picked up J.R.Smith and dropped Kirk Hinrich right around the time when one was heating up and the other was fizzling by your own account you are cheating.

        Whether it's fantasy or real life the object of the game is to play to win. Does anyone care when Don Nelson does the Hack a Shaq thing? Or how about using a rarely used bench player to come in and give a hard foul to Steve Nash? If it helps your team win, then thats all that matters. Everyone talks about honor and winning with pride...blah blah in Fantasy Basketball/baseball/football, I don't know you, and you don't know me, and my trophy case doesn't show how many moves i needed to obtain my win, it only shows me gold, silver, or bronze. And for the record, my trophy case sports a whole lot more Gold than the others. In all aspects of fantasy play.

      • if the game is just about the best draft why play the game..just draft.. lock rosters and wait.. now that's sounding fun to me..not..

    • Its not cheating, you just found an angle. Shame on him for not setting his alarm at midnight to pick up your good players. Obviously he is aware that you have been doing that.

    • Yeah, if he thinks it is cheating, he should have put waivers on.

    • i dont think so... thats why your league has to have max moves

    • i dont thank its wrong you play to the end. a win is a win.... were in the rules does it say keep the same player. the leauge has open moves..... play to win

    • NO NOT CHEATING, IT's called WINNING. All the others who claim it's cheating in their cases it's called WHINNING. The whole purpose of playing in a competitive league, is to WIN not to come in last or just for fun.

      Those who say it's shameless, and sorry are losers, let them lose with honor, I'll keep on winning. Look out for my name all you fantasy lames, because if you're in a league with me, especially public, I'm going to show you how to win. Please invite me to some custom league because i'll show you how it's done from draft day 1

      Not cheating, it's winning.

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      • the whole point is winning? Why if there is no actual glory in what u have accomplished? Guess your dad never taught you about pride. prolly touched u in all the wrong places too

      • Its not cheating, if it was Yahoo would not allow it. All managers have the same option of doing that. Some choose not or are not as dedicated. There are risks involved in doing that, low FG, high TO, they are free agents. If you whine about any"legal" move you should not be in a competitive league. You should be in a set your roster, sit around and complain with your thumb up your butt crybaby league. And LORD GOD (nice name by the way) WOW, are you A little upsessed or what, I'll swap a couple players in the middle of the night and I thought I was bad, you my friend have a problem. To fix that would be a good back hand from your fat, out of work, marlboro smokin wife to knock you back to realty, and out of fantasy land ya froot loop. Have a nice day. The Big French Fry

    • I agree with what the others are saying. It is not cheating. It's a loophole caused by bad league settings. You put stupid settings, expect perfectly legal stupid things to happen.

    • this is not cheating but certainly not within the spirit of fantasy sports. primary blame should be placed on your commish for this oversight, but to be fair, it would be difficult for me to feel good about using this weaselly strategy.

    • How can it be 'cheating' if you're playing by the rules?

      Any manager in your league could do the same. Obviously you're are more dedicated than others.

      Whether its ethical is another question but by not having waiver days he's saying its "first in - best dressed" and that's what you're doing.

    • It isn't cheating. You are just working the system because your league sucks.

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