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  • AriesRam AriesRam Mar 14, 2008 9:53 AM Flag


    lol, what mistake?

    Yeah I know.... I have 5 teams...I had Warrick in 2 of them but I dropped him in those 2 because coach is screwing with the lineups and he was my weakest link on those 2 leagues (I picked up Ricky Davis in one league and Craig Smith in another - bad pick up but I needed a center with Big Z out). On the other hand, he's available in 2 of my other leagues. So I'm just curious to see if people think he was still worth the pick up.

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    • The mistake of talking to you like a dude. Not that my tone would change, but I'll at least have a better idea of who I’m identifying with.

      Disclaimer: This does not mean that my opinions will change due to your gender. Actually, in my experience, every league that I've been a part of that involve women, the ladies tend to be extremely dominant and whip up on the men. It's kind of funny to watch us chauvinistic men types get crushed by what we perceive to be the soft lady types.

      I've developed a theory on this one, and tell me if you agree - The men are very stingy with their players, and are less inclined to drop a player with that "Big Name" status. Where as the women are more inclined to ask "What have you done for me lately", and will typically drop the player that is not producing. I'm just as bad as the next guy when it comes to this. It's like we develop some kind of loyalty to these players or something. i.e. hanging on to Shawn Alexander last year, knowing how crappy he's playing!

      Anyways, I still think Warrick has decent value, and I sure don't plan to drop him any time soon.