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  • Logan H Logan H Mar 4, 2008 10:21 PM Flag

    Dipset your stupid the real MVP is Kobe

    1st off look at thier records. kobe's 42-18
    Lebron's 34-26
    and kobe can take over a game anytime he wants as you saw sunday aginst the mavs, but he likes to get his younge teamates envolved and get ready for play-offs.
    The reason lebron has better stats is because kobe has alot more talent on his team and lebron has to shoot a whole lot. and it's harder to score alot when there's another all-star on your team (Pau Gasol) and alot of good players like Odom fisher farmar Radmonovic and sasha . lebron has Big Z and gibson and thats about it and their both out with injury.

    So kobe hands down MVP
    What do yall think

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    • Someone said look where Kobe has taken his team... alone, if im not mistaken, during the begining of the year before getting Pau Gasol the Lakers were just doing their same old pathetic attempt to win games, now is a different story, but dont ever say Kobe did it alone, however, LeBron DID take his teams into the playoffs alone last year.

    • silver i o go effin kill urself KING JAMES is easily the best player he gets 30 pts 8 rebounds and 7 assists and kobe is 28 pts 6 rebounds and 5 assists, wow this is obvious who is the MPV KING he gets his players involved the whole time he always sets them up the rapist KOBE is a ball hog and c paul is 20 pts 4 rebounds and 11 assists STILL the KING
      you guys r so retarted

    • You forgot LeBron also got Wally, Joe, Big Ben and Delonte.

    • kobe is such a baby he doesn't even deserve an MVP. Why is it that he was crying to the media that he wishes Bynum would get traded or that he would get traded before the season began?? Only now after Bynum shoved everything in his face and he made himself look so foolish he likes it in LA. MVP is not all about being "show biz" its abotu being a leader too. Lebron is clearly the better leader and puts up better stats......
      ....even chris paul should probably be considered for the MVP before Kobe is. just cuz Kobe wasn't able to win one yet doesn't mean that the NBA has to hand it to him this year just because he got lucky being on the lakers with bynum and pau. He needs to work much harder for it. In fact if it weren't for bynum and gasol the lakers would be in the dumps so maybe one of those two (Bynum or Gasol) should win the team MVP even before Kobe.......

    • look where kobe took his team without anybody th help...nowhere...the were out of the first round of the playoffs....look where lebron took his team without anybody...to the NBA FINALS!!!....the lakers got gausol dirt cheap and now their a contender....if cleveland had got gausol they would b in the same position as the lakers.....all you dudes need to get off kobes jock and realize hes not the best nba player anymore....KING JAMES is here and hes the best!!!

    • You all are crazy!!!
      CHRIS PAUL is the clear MVP...HELLO!!!

    • MVP is always the hardest decision because there are so many players that deserve it. Yeah Kobe is great... but so is LeBron... and so is Chris Paul.... so is Dwight Howard.... so is Dirk etc. Anyone of these guys can take over a game and win it for their team.

      Look at how the Lakers have done pre-Pau and since they traded for him. The reason the Lakers have a better record than Cleveland is because the have 2 all-stars (and they had an almost all star before with Bynum). Who does LeBron have? No one. How did the Cavs do when Lebron was out? Horrid.

      If the debate is who deserves the MVP between Kobe and LeBron.... its LeBron hands down.

      But very rarely does the MVP go to the person who truelly deserves it. (i.e. Steve Nash last year)

    • Kobe is the MVP but i dont agree with the reasons u gave, other tha LA has tha better record. cuz i think LeBron can take-over a game just as easy as Kobe can. Jordan Farmar, D Fish and Sasha ARE NOT tha reason Kobe isnt puttin uip numbers like Bron LOL. Gasol is making up some of Kobe's points, Odom isnt a very proliphic scorer, and as much as i'd hate to say it... Kobe is tha MVP this year.

    • LOL QUEEN james... man that was a good one... seriously..

    • even SAC were chanting MVP!

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