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  • Tony Tony Feb 24, 2008 4:59 PM Flag

    Answering Questions

    It think you team is ok needs some improvement. I would have traded away Mo Williams away when Redd was out get some really good like maybe Granger. Ben Wallace scares me, same with Shaq he is fa's in my league. I don't think you should pick up Ben Wallace. I don't like Brand to come back becuase he is coming back to a losing team with a losing season, no playoffs. I think Clippers are devopling Al Thorton for next season anyway

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    • For some reason I think Brand might be back for at least a few weeks but will probably be too late to help in roto much.

      Did try and move Williams for some more size. Made a couple of trades throughout the year.

      Baron for Yao (when Baron was the second ranked fantasy player) that one got vetoed at first and I had to argue long and loud before it got let through.


      Okur, Tinsley and Rashard Lewis for Terry, Allen and Haywood. Needed abit more size I felt and some FG%!

      Thanks for your help might see if Wallace clears waivers. Hopefully that'll give me a chance to see him play a game or two...


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