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  • wisegeeks wisegeeks Feb 3, 2008 10:18 AM Flag

    Need serious help!! (Warning: Long Post)

    Rank: 1st
    League Type: Roto (Standard 9-cat)
    Teams: 15

    PG - Rondo*, Cassell
    SG - Peja*, McCants
    SF - Caron*, M. Miller**
    PF - K-Mart*, Wilcox
    C - Amare*, Camby*
    Util - Mighty Mouse, Hakim Warrick

    I already have 42/100 moves.
    * - players in my core lineup (got them since draft day)
    ** - I traded Jamison to get Mike Miller

    Top 1-3 in: FG%, REB, STL, BLK, TO
    Top 6 (10 pts) in: FT%
    Top 8 (7 pts) in: 3PM and PTS
    Top 11 (5 pts) in: AST
    I'm ahead by 4 league points over top 2.

    ASSISTS - I'm in close battle with 3 teams on this category (so we play around Top 9-11), and I am Top 11 right now. I have high hopes on Damon Stoudamire, I mean 5-7 AST will do but not too many people believe he will be productive. Anyways, what do you think? What do I gotta do with my team? Do I just stick with it? Try to trade for a decent point guard - Andre Miller, Mike Bibby?

    I just dropped Jordan Farmar for Hakim Warrick. I don't really need Warrick's stats but I was thinking that if he becomes productive, I could shop any of my PFs for a decent PG.

    Oh, and about Mike Miller. I got him at the expense of Jamison. I was in need of more 3PMs and AST before.. was thinking that I could have gotten Billups instead.

    Sorry for the long post. Just wanted to pour out all the details here so you can better analyze. Top of my mind right now is to just stick with this lineup then shop one of my PFs before trade deadline. How about you, watcha think?

    help help help please!

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    • I like the if it aint broke dont fix it approch. I doubt you can get a top point guard for anyone of your PF. Damon I think will get you those dimes until Parker gets back, then I think he will have little value. Only deal I can think of is moving Camby or Amare and try to get Kaman and his best point guard.

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      • if it aint' broke don't fix approach.. hmmm.. been thinking bout that too.. hmm.. it's just that I'm in close battle with these two teams and that's 2 league points. If I can just take a small hit on my other strong stats, I would be fine - and I think my PFs are expendable for this. Maybe you have some other trade ideas for a PG? I'm willing to package Rashad McCants for any of my PFs.

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    • is there a league max. on games played. if so, where do you stand in games played - and where is your closest competition in games played. the reason for the question is that roto standings can be misleading. In one league, I'm in 6th place of 14 teams - yet by the end of the season, either I or the 5th place team will win. Each of the top 4 teams are way over in games played. In fact, the team in first is so far over, he'll probably finish 8th or 9th at best.

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      • Yes there's a league max. Thanks for the reply and great question. Okay...

        I'm No.1 in the league right now and I am 10 games behind the 4 teams below me. But for AST, I almost have the same number of games played with the other 2 teams I am in close competition with (they are not in the Top 5 in the league). Also by looking at the lineup, I can feel that they can easily pull away from me...
        Players averaging 4+ AST:
        Team X: Iverson, Captain Jack, Manu, and Conley.
        Team Y: Blake, Hinrich, Watson, and he picked Ford recently.
        What's mine? Rondo, Caron, Cassell, and Damon (who barely made at 4+ ASTs - he's at 3.9)
        Tsk tsk tsk! I'm worst between us 3 right now and the team below me is 3rd in the league and can really rack up AST as he just traded Marion and Terry for Deron and Al Jefferson.
        Team Z (3rd in the league): Deron, Iguodala, Vince Carter, Diaw

        As for 3PM and PTS, I'm close with 2 other teams but I think my lineup is pretty solid that I can hold the position.


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