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  • flatow flatow Jan 12, 2008 7:14 PM Flag


    i give: shawn mairon, caron butler, andrew bynum, rudy gay
    i get: west, nash, kaman, and allen iverson

    should i pull the trigger? i need assists and im loaded on boards but im getting a lot back to. what should i do

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    • your giving up alot of upside

    • There are 3 things you need to consider before proposing or accepting any trade offers.

      1> The net results of the stats between each player.

      In your proposed trade, you will
      lose .058 (.461 vs .519) in FG %
      gain .042 (.813 vs .771) in FT%
      lose 0.9 in 3P
      gain 10.0 in Points
      lose 3.1 in Rebounds
      Gain 13.3 in Assists
      lose 1.8 in Steals
      Gain 2.4 in Blocks
      Add 5.2 TO

      2> The changes that will result in your categories after the trade is made

      Where are your strengths in each category?
      In my opinion, any category where you rank 10 or higher, should not be addressed to gain points. These categories are your strengths.

      And where are your weaknesses?
      In my opinion, any category at 6 or below are serious weakness that need to be addressed.

      With this trade, you run the risk of losing points in FG%, Steals, and TO. The greatest risks are in Steals and TO. This trade adds the TO kings, Nash and Iverson.

      However, you will gain in FT%, Points, Blocks, and you will skyrocket in Assists.

      Rebounds and 3P will show little changes

      3> Will these changes result in improvement or loss in each category points.

      Now the thing to look at is where your competitors are at. For example, lets look at Blocks. Let's say your team has 240 blocks and has a point value of 4 out of 12. Your team has played 350 total games so far. That means your current team produces 0.69 blocks/game (240/350). Your new team will produce 7.5 blocks over the same 350 games. That is a 47.0% increase in blocks over these same 350 total games. That means these guys will add 113 more blocks for a total of 353 blocks. That means you can make up a deficit of 113 blocks over your competitors assuming everything else remains the same.

      You then do this same math in each category. The increase in assists will be astronomical while the increase in TO will also hurt badly.

      Good luck and good hunting.

    • kaman and west = rudy and bynum = more
      marion is better than nash and a i is better than butler. up to u.

    • Lol what a terrible trade.

      Marion and Butler are both 1st rounders, while gay and bynum would be 3rd round value right now. You are getting 1x1st rounder in nash, and then a bunch of 3-5th rounders in a current redraft league, terrible trade.

      You can get ast much cheaper than this.

    • DONT DO IT! you freaking idiot rook.

    • DO IT when arenas comes back butler wont be as good and u are getting assists

    • no way what what should i do?

    • nooo wayy!!!


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