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    CHOstradamus Answers Questions

    My name is Josh aka CHOstradamus. I shall do my best to make time every day to give free fantasy basketball advice. If you have any questions, please ask. I do, however wish to offer some guidelines.

    Trade Questions
    Please tell me:
    1. How many team league?
    2. Is it rotisserie or Head to Head league format?
    3. Who are players on your team?
    4. What stats are you struggling in?

    FA/Waiver Questions
    Please tell me:
    1. Who your team is (to see if someone is worth dropping)
    2. What stats you are struggling in.

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    • Also, Perkins is a free agent.

    • Hi,
      I'm in a 7 team keeper roto league(Keep 4) and I'm being offered S. Jackson and J. Kidd for C. Billups and D. Collison

      My Team

      PG Billups
      SG Kevin Martin
      G Iggy
      SF Lebron
      PF D. Lee
      F Boozer
      C Brand
      Util Odom
      Util Horford
      Util Jennings
      Mo Williams
      E. Gordon

      Also, Someone just Dropped Gay, He's he a better keeper than four above?

    • My roster is:
      Holiday, Matthews, Kevin Martin, Beasley, Josh Smith, Durant, Noah, Love, Blatche, Bargnani, David Lee and Andre Miller.

      I'm struggling in turnovers, shooting percentage, threes, assists and blocks.

      Some notable free agents are Camby, Augustin, Kirk Hinrich, Aaron Brooks, Mo Williams and Bynum.

      Blatche and Miller seem to be keeping me down, any deals I should make?

    • Head to head competitive 14 team league

      I recently dropped Shannon Brown for Anthony Randolph
      and Ben Wallace for Troy Murphy

      Do you believe either of those players will come back into form and produce?

      If not I was thinking about reaquiring Ben Wallace and picking up brandon rush

    • 14-man league
      blake griffin
      mo williams
      danillo gallinari struggling at assists and rebounds
      carlos delfino
      shawn marion
      ty lawson
      tony allen
      brandon roy

      thinking of dropping roy for:
      marcus thornton or
      anthony parker

    • my question: 12 team, 15 cat h2h

      trade my nene/d west for kevin durant?

      My team
      G - stephen curry, jose calderon, d. collison
      SG/SF - battier, batum, dorell wright
      PF/C - t chandler, amare, ryan anderson, chuck hayes, ibaka, david west, nene

      Not weak in any particular stat... except TO and AST/TO ratio.

      Competitive in FGM/PTS/AST/DREB/TotalREB/FTM/FT%/3PT%

      Pretty strong in FG%/OREB/BLK/STL/3PT

      Rationale is d west only has 12 games in playoff weeks, i'd be losing something like 7 pts/1 stl/1blk/some fg%/few asts but gaining ftm/ft%, 3's mostly.

      I could probably make up for it by taking ed davis on the wire... and it should be gravy right? I would gain 3 extra games during playoff week also.

      Tony allen is also on the wire...

    • My Team
      Rodney Stuckey
      Jose calderon
      Nick Young
      Lamar Odom
      Wilson Chandler
      Blake Griffin
      Pau Gasol
      Brook Lopez
      Marcin Gortat
      Roddy B
      Tony Allen
      Jason Kidd

      12 team H2h, I am lacking in 3's, FT%, steals, and have alot of TO's

      I was wondering if I should pick up Ty Lawson but I don't know who to drop

    • I'm currently in first but a couple of contenders have made some moves and are closing the gap. Suggestions?

      Head 2 Head, 10-team league
      Categories: FG% (3rd), FT% (6th), 3PTM (3rd), PTS (1st), REB (1st), AST (1st), ST (1st), BLK (2nd), TO (9th)

      Monta Ellis PG/SG
      Tyreke Evans PG/SG
      Deron Williams PG
      Dorell Wright SG/SF
      Al Horford PF/C
      Wesley Matthews SG/SF
      Elton Brand PF/C
      Pau Gasol PF/C
      Amir Johnson PF
      Carlos Boozer PF/C
      LaMarcus Aldridge PF/C
      Anthony Morrow SG/SF
      Nicolas Batum SG/SF

      Notable free agents I've been eying:
      Kendrick Perkins
      Landry Fields
      Kyle Lowry
      Chuck Hayes
      Ty Lawson

    • Hey josh,
      Just looking for some advice on Rudy and my team. I'm in a 12 man Head to Head. I'm in first and have been the whole season, but i'm in a predicament and they are right on my heels. Just picked up Kirk and Tony Allen for Dunleavy and Greg Monroe off waivers. Have been struggling in TOs, 3s, and FG on and off all season, but as of late i'm not producing near what i should be in most. I think it's just rounding out those last few guys. options to lose Gay? McGrady & Kirk

      Kirk Hinrich
      Ray Allen
      Dorell Wright
      Shawn Marion
      Tony Allen
      Rudy Gay
      Al Harrington
      Pau Gasol
      JJ Hickson
      Emeka Okafor

      Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

    • my team is straight up just sucking. im in a 14 team H2H categories league. i started off the year holding the top spot, then have progrrssively gotten worse and worse. as of now i am in 8/14. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO! i need to turn things around- FAST.

      my team:
      JJ Hickson
      wilson chandler
      monta ellis
      landry fields
      marcus camby

      i would say that i have a very decent team. i am struggling in 3's, PTS, FT and FG %. any thoughts on how get back up in the ranks?

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