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  • C C Mar 6, 2008 11:14 PM Flag

    CHOstradamus Answers Questions

    looking for some FA/Waiver advice bc the trade deadline has passed

    12 team roto league. currently sitting in 4th. the teams ahead of me have played more games then i have, so not too worried.

    i need REB and BLK without killing my FT% bc that category is close

    my team:

    a. miller
    r. allen
    r. bell

    with biedrins, kirilenko, and ilgauskas out, i could use some help

    the FA available are:

    shaq, darko, mutombo, krstic, przybilla, dampier, k. perkins, foster, m. moore, noah.

    i had shaq, but with FT% so close in my league and his % so bad i decided to cut him loose. i also had j. o'neal, but couldnt wait on him any longer.

    is blatche worth keeping?

    would darko or perkins be worth a shot given their past inconsistencies??

    of the FA available, which 2 would u consider most valuable?


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    • C P,

      I don't know what to think about Biedrins anymore... Coach Nelson is a madman, and his team was better when Biedrins was starting in the middle. It's gonna be tough to fill a void like Z's, especially with news now that he'll be out at least 2 weeks... SO, what can you do? Blatche, in my mind, isn't worth holding onto once Butler returns... until then, though, he should be good for about 2 blocks a game, but Butler plans on returning quite soon. I really think that looking at your FA's Krstic is your best bet. He won't block as much as Joel P, Dampier, Perkins, Darko, or even Shaq, but he'll maybe even help your FT%. If FG% was close, I'd say some of the other guys might make more of a difference, but Krstic is back in NJ and I say scoop him up.

      Josh aka CHOstradamus


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