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  • JBCHO JBCHO Feb 6, 2008 12:46 AM Flag

    CHOstradamus Answers Questions

    Hey Brad,

    Oh the FA list in 8-team leagues.... If ONLY!! All those guys in any other league would be 100% owned. I think that you have to see your team and what areas, if any, you are constantly weaker in. A guy like Rasheed that you can plug in at Center is a ridiculous commodity. His combo of treys/steals/blocks makes him a great fantasy player week in and week out. Check out your past weeks, and see if there's any consistent trends in losing out on certain cats. Rasheed looks the most valuable out of those FA's. Hope tha t helps!

    Josh aka CHOstradamus

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    • Thanks, i might be able to get billups and and amare for ginobli and marion. Is that giving too much? i mean, i realy dont have a real center right now, and nash is my only PG so i neeed a solid center and point guard...but im dead last in 3s and FT%, and sterals are important right now, so manu is kind of key.

      I know i cant get BD or paul or YAO for marion. What other deal/package might i try giving my players for a pg/c?

      1. 8 team league
      2. rotisserie format
      3.My Team Is
      -Steve Nash
      -Manu Ginobli
      -Richard Hamilton
      -Ben Gordon
      -Grant Hill
      -Richard Jefferson
      -Shawn Marion
      -Ron Artest
      -Andrei Kirilenko
      -Lamar Odom
      -David West
      -Rasheed Wallace
      -Andrew Bogut

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      • Hey man,

        I like this deal for you. You're definitely giving up a lot, but you get a lot back in return. I don't see Shaq affecting Amare's play TOO much... Also, treys is much easier to make up than assists and FT%. Billups has both in bunches; he'll especially help out your FT%, as he's one of the best. I'd do the deal, and Marion, who knows how he'll do now that he's on the Heat?

        Josh aka CHOstradamus

    • ok 2 questions:

      first who do you think is better jeff foster or chris wilcox?

      and second i need a good center, wats a good trade i can put together with kobe for one heres my team,

      antonio daniels
      j smith
      caron butler
      anthony carter
      dorrel wright



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