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  • MJ MJ Jan 11, 2008 7:41 PM Flag

    Kidd/Josh Smith Trade

    Not to offend the other repliers but anyone that says this is a completely lopsided trade doesn't know fantasy hoops. This trade is MUCH closer than they'd have you think.

    Granted Kidd is having his best year ever. That doesn't necessarily translate perfectly to fantasy hoops though. In roto, that one bad category (FG%) is enough to lower his value ALOT. You simply can't afford a bad category.

    With that said, Kidd has going for him the fact that he doesn't shoot that much so his .370 FG% probably doesn't hurt as much as say Dwight Goodens horrible FT% hurts a fantasy team. Moreover, it's not like Smith is shooting a great FG%.

    All said and done, I agree that Kidd is probably the way to go here but it's certainly not as onesided as others have said. On a related note, the big board actually has Smith higher than Kidd and Smith is currently ranked higher than Kidd too.

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