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  • the incredible the incredible Jan 10, 2008 7:48 PM Flag

    rate my team why am i doing so bad :(

    well currently im 10 out of 12 for my league and im wondering why my team is doing so bad? wondering what i can do to improve it

    PG : Monta Ellis
    SG : Vince Carter
    G : Joe Johnson
    G : Josh Childress
    SF : David Lee
    PF : Anderson Verajao
    F : Joe Smith
    F : Udonis Haslem
    C : Chris Bosh
    C : Tyson Chandler
    Util : Tony Parker
    Util : Al Thornton
    Bench : Antonio Daniels
    Bench : Gilbert Arenas
    Bench : Kenyon Martin

    PS :

    i just traded tyson chandler and joe johnson for dwight howard and eddy curry

    i was wondering what i could improve on and what trades i should make

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    • LISTEN UP!! Having Arenas on IR cuts down on how many starts your team gets each week so see what you get offered on the trading block. THE MAIN KEY for both of my teams leading each league is to have two or three roster spots that you use as 'floaters' where you add/drop players EVERYDAY. The more starts you have the more your numbers increase.

    • try to trade someone for kidd or CP3 you need some assits it looks like and a soild shooter.. everthing else looks good dont trade tyson.

    • hey, if you send me the url to your league i can see your available players list and maybe make some suggestions.

    • hey if you need a point guard pick up louis williams andre miller will be traded before seasons end and he williams is playing solid ball in a 10 or 12 team league he is a decent pickup and in philly you know he will get some pt......

    • childress sucks, martin is injury proan and still sucks, arenas is hirt, thornton and varejao are nobodys, david lee has been crap, and what has ellis done

    • I'm late to this thread, but here's my take:

      1. You are very lacking in the PG department. Parker and Daniels are your main sources of assists, and you need others to compliment this. Despite Monta's PPG numbers and uptick in steals, he's not necessarily a must start at the PG position. I would stick Daniels in your starting lineup and actually push out maybe Thornton instead. You need to pull a trade or find someone on the waiver wire to get assists.

      2. Joe Johnson throws your FG% down if I am not mistaken (I always confuse him and Josh Smith the shot blocker supreme for the FG% effect, so apologies if I'm wrong about this). Even your bigs are not that great in the FG% category, although now that you have Howard that should change quite a bit, so good trade for getting Howard, IMO. Most of these guys aren't really volume scorers (except Bosh, Carter, and Arenas who is hurt).

      3. As well as Joe Smith has been playing as of late, if he and Varejao are your best PFs option then that is a problem. None of these players are world beaters. Generally your Forward lineup is weak, although I really like David Lee.

      Here's what I see. You have a team that was wracked by injuries (Parker, Arenas, Martin, Bosh) and holdouts (Varejao). But there doesn't seem to be a specific attempt to address all your categories (although I admit I don't know if you're playing rotisserie vs. heads up and how many categories, so...).

      In our league which is a 10 team 9 cat rotisserie, we have a slightly different layout with 1 less guard and 1 less forward, so I guess the pickings are much slimmer given you have 2 extra spots that you HAVE to play.

      You seem to lack rebounding guards, which I always find are a bonus. Guys like Kidd, Davis, Howard, Richardson, etc. are really phenomenal in that way and would allow you to combine your need for multiple categories in a way that doesn't hurt other categories.

      As far as strategy, I would work the waiver system and religiously use not only the season rankings, but the Average per game (by week and month) standings to see who's running hot in the categories that you need. Also recognize what categories will be harder and harder for you to win --- as the season goes on FG% and FT% tends to get locked in as it takes a huge swing to change those stats; I would look at some middle of the pack teams and identify what specific needs they have in terms of categories and match that up with the strengths and weaknesses of your team to see if a trade is possible.

      There's a huge drop off in some of the categories, so if you're going to give up something decent, try to get a player that will make a difference over the course of the season. Thing is, your bench is so shallow in this format, that you will definitely have to give up something, and you've used/are using a spot on Arenas;

      It would help if you could post the lineups of the other teams to better understand your situation. Specifically Martin is injury prone and overrated, Thornton won't give you much but might soon, I like David Lee, although the situation in NY is so unstable who knows. I think you need some better G/F types.

      Anyway, just typing out loud. Hope some of this was helpful. Good luck!

    • big advice: right here

      trade for jamal tinsley, get some assists and the price is not too high

      try to trade bosh for a premier point guard, or trade him for a big rebounder (bosh's rebounds have been dissappointing this year)

      Hint: bosh for al jefferson and a mid level pg, who specializes in assists

      IMPORTANT: DO NOT EVEN TOUCH CHANDLER- HE STAYS RIGHT THERE- getting rid of him seems like a huge mistake to me

    • ur doing bad cuz
      in ma league i can still pick up varejao, childress, smith, thorton, and martin, and daniels, but daniels is a good due to have rite now cuz gilbert is out
      gilbert being out really hurts ur team becuz he is such a great player and im guessing from ur other players tht he was ur first pick
      IDK, when i look at ur roster all i c is points and 4 good rebound guys

    • See if you can trade Arenas, if not straight across then in a 2 for 2 trade.

    • u r doing so bad because ur team isnt good duh but also arenas getting injured had somethign to do with it lol he might be done for the year LETS GO KNICKS LETS GO KNICKS LETS GO KNICKS i dont care that were playing like shit i still have faith

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