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  • Sherman Sherman Jan 2, 2008 1:02 AM Flag

    tips and help if anyone needs any.

    Very good team. Your probably 1st or 2nd in your league. Just watch out for calderon if ford comes back. And u could try and trade iguodala and biedrins for a top 10 guy. and then add a guy in the FA bin, since there are so much. If not, try and drop biedrins and get a guy that can get some more boards. Try and trade Carter for a assist guy that can score. Like deron williams or billups.

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    • thanks. actually im in third right now. do you think i should trade biedrins and calderon for al jefferson? is that a fair trade?

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      • Yeah. Do that and see if it will get accepted. The way i see it is that caldron is playing so goo right now that it could get accepted. But see who else needs assist and trade calderon and biedrins for one guy. But do this only if u can get a guy u like in the FA bin. Or the 2 for 1 wouldn't work for u. also add a shit guy from that guys team. someone that u think he will drop, so it would be a 2 for 2 trade.