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  • george k george k Dec 24, 2007 6:01 PM Flag


    i am currently interning for espn....... and i have great knowledge of the nba, so feel free to ask me anything u like........ and i will answer to the best of my abilities

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    • Do you see Zach Randolph and the Knicks quitting on Isiah at some point during the year. Is Yao's body going to break down from all the wear of an NBA season plus national team duties?

    • yi and calderon for richard jefferson...who gets the better deal??

    • Perennial Playoff Contender Perennial Playoff Contender Dec 24, 2007 7:25 PM Flag

      What about: trading away Nash and T-mac for Jamison Joe Johnson and Bibby

    • Perennial Playoff Contender Perennial Playoff Contender Dec 24, 2007 7:23 PM Flag

      I have carter and can trade for Aldridge and Stephen Jackson would you do it

    • This guy wants to trade away Jamison and J-Rich for two other players. They would be great adds to my team, but he's rejected two of my offers so far (S-Jax and Brewer; Brewer, Salmons, Gooden). He thought the 3 for 2 trade was fair (????) but didn't want to dropp any of his other players...here's my team. Which two should I give up for Jamison and Richardson??

      BD, Ray Allen, Melo, Dwight, Gooden, SJax, Richard Jefferson, Josh Smith, Watson,Salmons, Brewer, Aldridge...He wants FG%, FT%, Blks and Stls...

    • I've made a lot of moves to get as many top players as I can; in fact I have 8 in the top 20. My goal was to do a lot of 3-for-2's or 4-for-3's to have a smaller number of higher ranked players to make room for Brand and Bibby as sleepers. The only problem is, outside the top 8 and Brand and Bibby, the other 3 players are just waiver fodder (that is unless Kirk Hinrich turns it around). Who do you think would make the best complements for my big 8?

      PG: Chris Paul
      SG: Kobe Bryant
      G: Steve Nash
      SF: Lebron James
      PF: Shawn Marion
      F: Caron Butler
      C: Amare Stoudemire
      C: Yao Ming
      Util: Anderson Varejao
      Util: Kirk Hinrich
      BN: Elton Brand
      BN: Mike Bibby

      The reason the empty is there is because I just traded Rudy Gay and Emeka Okafor for Steve Nash (see the pattern?). I am thinking of picking up James Jones, Carlos Delfino, Wally Sczerbiak, or David Lee. Please shoot out a couple of free agents that would help complement what the big 8 bring to the table. Thanks.

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      • your team looks GREATTT.......... and i dont think it matters if you have hinrich or verajo on a team like dat, you have first place ON LOCK in your league.

        the only thing i can think of is maybe get david lee for anderson verajo, but it realli should make a big difference

      • By the way, I'm 2nd in a 10 team head-to-head league. I'm behind by 1.5 games in a 13-cat league (default 9 with 3PTM, A/T, PF, and O-REB). I was easily in first before three weeks ago, but then injuries to Lebron and Duncan (who I had at the time) left me to a roster of 9 players and I got smoked. I've made a sizable comeback since then, but it's still a little too close for comfort. I've dominated my last weeks though with a combined score of 19-7.

    • What do I need to do to win my next matchups? I am new to the fanasty world and I joined a league with some co-workers and I lost my first week 5-4. The guy I was matached up against killed me in assist so I went out and picked up the PG for the Hawks that was playing well the last 3 games and the guard for the Mavs Harris. I dumped Zack R. (Knicks) and Andris B (Warriors). Do you think I should be good down the stretch. THANKS!! Have a Merry Christmas

      Dwyane Wade
      Kobe Bryant
      Paul Pierce
      SF Rashard Lewis
      PF Danny Granger
      F Vince Carter
      C Samuel Dalembert
      C Nazr Mohammed
      Monta Ellis
      Chauncey Billups
      Andris Biedrins
      BN Josh Howard
      BN Zach Randolph
      BN Andrei Kirilenko

    • I have Chris Paul, Steve Nash, and Mike Bibby as my point guards. I was a little worried about trading Tinsley for Aldridge, but I went ahead and made the move. I feel pretty good about it. What do you think?

    • is anthony carter for the nuggets going to get any better?

    • In a 16 team league I had 15th pick, and this is how my team ended up:

      Monta Ellis PG/SG
      Raymond Felton PG/SG
      Gerald Wallace SF/PF
      Pau Gasol PF/C
      Marcus Camby C
      Tyson Chandler C
      Anderson Varejao PF/C
      Rafer Alston PG
      Devin Harris PG
      DeShawn Stevenson SG
      Morris Peterson SG/SF
      Jamario Moon SF

      I start 1 PG 1 SG 1 SF 1 PF 2 C 1 Util daily.

      I typically win 5 lose 7 categories.

      FGM FG% FTM FT% 3PTM PTS and TO are the ones I lose.

      3PT% REB AST ST & BLK I dominate.

      I just traded Biedrins for Gerald Wallace, and was wondering which other players you would recommend I target to help in those categories.

      Also your feelings on Gasol? I've never owned him but was expecting much more, and am getting anxious to deal him for a PG.

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      • well what u need it a big scorer on your team......... try trading tyson chandler for a scorer. all chandler is doing is giving u rebounds and blocks( 2 categories your alreadi good in) but he is not giving you enuff point production and his free throw percentage is horrible........

        reshard lewis is somebody i think will help your team greatly(he's a true buy low guy rite now)......... try getting him for chandler straight up

        and also for the gasol thing.......... HOLD ON TO HIM, its not often where u get a big man that gives u that kind of percentages while putting up the regular big man numbers........... plus he had a nice game in his last game so look for him to be back in bizness

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