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    Is This Fair??

    Do you think it's fair if a person drops and adds players daily to get the most stats every week...I mean he keeps his studs on his team but he does daily transactions so that he gets the most games...for example: if a person on his team is not playing tomorrow, he would drop that player for someone who is playing tomorrow...then would drop that same player he just picked up for another because hes not playing the day after that and so on...basically after a week...he had like 50% more players playing that week with stats...DO YOU THINK THAT'S FAIR??

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    • There is nothing wrong with doing that. It's within the rules and at least he's an active player. Also he is taking a chance that he may drop somebody that another player will pick up. If it really bothers you that much then join a league that limits moves.

    • Noooo its not thats a common problem I hate when people do that try to resolve that issue that's really a punk move to add and drop players daily.

    • Yes it is fair and within the rules. I do it, and because it is a H2H league, I pickup guys with strengths in matching against my opponent for the week, ie do I need blocks, or steals, etc. It is a way of managing your team and strategizing, other than just drafting and watching. I basically draft 8-9 core players, the rest are moved in and out throughout the year.

    • It's Call Micro-Managing...Your League Comissioner Should Prevent This Happen When The Season Begins Though...Cause It's Not Fair To The People That Doesn't 24/7/7 In Front Of The Computer.

    • Of course it's fair. You can do it too. It is called hustling and it really shines through during the playoffs.

    • I think it's fair. I'm guilty of it! U have just as much right to do the same thing. It's part of the stratetegy.

    • whats your thoughts

    • *starts by muttering outloud "this is weird....i was discussing the same damm thing on the hockey side. anyhow..."

      ok first thing first...
      okay so you would drop someone like ben gordon, rajon rondo or even devin harris for rashad mccants because hes playing that day and the other person isnt...come on now...its pathetic.

      now i wouldnt@above...thing is, you arent making him pay for such actions. you're judging him. you're scolding him. chances are though, he's winning in the most important realm on here: the win column.

      until yahoo kills this move outright in the (public n private) leagues, bad news:its legal.

      you say he's aiming for the most stats. q? wha constitutes a win in h2h AGAIN?

      now its cool to say well it damages 'the sprit of the game". however losing does that as well.

      you really need to start outthinking n outmaneouvering him. if he receives a loss; then maybe this stops what is a bullying tactic.

      fact is: his goal is to win. if he can get u at wits end, then that too is a win.

      gl this season.

      btw for disclosure purposes: i use the same tactics as him.

      a win after all is a win (cant wait to read your reponse on this).

      however gl

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      • i understand what your saying but this is fantasy basketball...thus you have a fantasy team...how do you know what your team has or capable of if you keep adding and dropping your players everyday just to get more games...to me thats not a team...yeah your getting the win and its legal in some sort but at least keep he INTEGRITY of the league...get your wins but do it with INTEGRITY...lets say you have an all star team...all 13 of your players made the all star team this year but you lost one week because this team has a bunch of players that changed everyday but has 10 games everyday for the whole week...do you think thats a fair win???

    • stop being lazy and start doing the same thing. if the opportunity is available its fair, take what you can get.

    • At least you know he's keeping up with his team lol. I really can't stand it when people sign up for these fantasy games and then never check them, it's a little frustrating.

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