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  • jon k jon k Dec 16, 2007 9:48 AM Flag

    wats wrong with this team?? in 6/12 need advice

    Earl Watson
    Kevin Durant
    Manu Ginobili
    Tracy Mcgrady
    Yi Jianlian
    Carmelo Anthony
    Dwight Howard
    derek Fisher
    Tayshaun Prince
    Rafer Alston
    Grant Hill
    Mike Bibby

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    • go after a better PF or C

    • Your centers although they can be dominate in some categories KILL you in others (ft%, TO, and Assists) and you do not have dominate people to help cover in those categories. . .you also have only those 2 to block shots and your PG's are poor which means that they will not help cover your FT% or your assists. and you don't really have another solid rebounder. . . I would recommend trying to flip D. Howard for another solid center - ie: ming and an extremely solid PG. . .

    • You need more Pierce! I speak the TRUTH!

    • i agree with the lot who gave you advice.

      mine would be this:you have way too many point guards. guys like watson n derek fisher need to be on ur watch list or they should be sumone else's prob. the solution is cut loose 1 of the above n see if u can get a rebounder to pair with howard (news flash: shaq isnt doing much now).

      aside from that: id monitor rafer alston n pray that mcgrady doesnt get hurt. for sum reason im thinking he's getting the lion's share of scoring. if thats so n he gets hurt: you are in trouble.

      anyhow gl this season

    • Get rid of watson(beno udrih, calderon) when west gets back watson goes back to bench ...you have shooting % killers( t-mac/ durant/ carfaggotto/ alston... (7/22 things like that!) yi's next year (up/down= nervousness, inconsistent, but next year watch out!) shaq won't be ready to play(as usual) til' aft the all-star gm! You have no assist gd either... Beno(sac) is killing teams(sac has a prob/ when bibby comes back) oh watson/alston/yi/..prince only really scores like every 4th/6th game( 20+)hill/howard/fisher/ anth/ = sf's is what 's keeping you alive, but it looks like an8-9th place finish!

    • 1) Your point guards are atrocious. Just completely awful.
      2) Your centers are both horribly flawed, and the flaws are the same so they reinforce each other.
      3) Your shooting guards and forwards are also mostly a group of stepford wives. Relatively high volume, low to moderate percent shooters with few blocks and high turnovers.

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      • You're going to have to hit the trade market heavily to make this team more competitive. Shift your team from guard-centric to have more PF/C types. getting rid of both Howard and Shaq would probably be in your best interests. Keep Manu for sure, he's your best across the board contributor.
        Durant and Hill are difficult cases. Durant is solid in the key stats, 3s/steals/blocks, and good in scoring/FT%, but is a liability in the other 4. Hill is good across the board, but is an injury risk AND a prime sell-high candidate.

        Your best plan, assuming the opponents cooperate, would be trying to deal big-name/high-buzz players with serious flaws to pick up solid 7-8 category contributors. Keep in mind that the size of the contribution in a stat is relative to his availability. An addition of 1 3pter, steal, or block a game is at LEAST as big as an additional FIFTEEN points per game. Some key players to target in this regard would be Shawn Marion, Chris Paul, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki, Andrei Kirilenko, Rudy Gay, Danny Granger, Rasheed Wallace. I'm sure there are others, and Baron Davis is close at least, KG, Yao, Amare are pricy possibilities.

        If you can pick up 2-3 of these players in trades where you're not giving away the farm, you should be MUCH better placed to be competitive. At that point, analyze your team.for serious weak spots. You may even want to (GASP) do some math. If you find big problems, look for specialists in those categories. Say you're weak in FT% and scoring. Kevin Martin or Richard Jefferson might be what you need. Both shoot ridiculous numbers of FTs and shoot for a good percentage as well as score.

    • more assists and more steals
      your guards aren't that good
      especially your PGs
      deal earl watson with mike bibby for someone else

    • you are throwing three almost four categories away. i am not sure how fg% equals out for you, but you are offsetting the great percentage of howard with earl watson, durant, tmac, alston. I don't expect you are very competitive in threes. obviously you are struggling in assists. I suspect you FT% is low as well and that your TOs are in the lower-third. You have a log of good, bug name players but they are almost all SFs which is a difficult way to construct a team for victory. I would recommend using trying to go after a guy like chauncey billups who will help you out across the board and limit tos. and maybe think of picking up an efficient pf like david west.

    • try looking uver the last 4 weekzs....see where you are winning (strengths) and where you are lacking. Then trade to strengthen. EG: If your FT is low, look at Shaq (always low) then upgrade with someone needing a C and can carry the decrease.

    • I think your teams' top half is amazing with Tmac, Howard, Melo, Durant, and Ginobli but the majority of them are all small forwards and shooting guards. A lot of your lower end consist of average or sub-par point guards (Alston, Fisher, Watson). You're probably losing categories like assists, steals, 3s and potentially categories like FT% with Dwight and Shaq. If you look on FA, try to find Stevenson. I picked him a week ago thinking i was going to keep him for one game but I'm keeping him now that Daniels is out and that Stevenson is really hot right now. Other than that, your team should be find once Bibby comes back.

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