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    is this better than a 15-38 team ?

    the league has 16 teams and this team (mine) in in last place

    PG Stephon Marbury
    (NY - PG) PGUtilBN @Chi 5:30 pm - - - - - - - - -
    SG Kelenna Azubuike
    (GS - SG,SF) SGSFUtilBN LAL 7:30 pm - - - - - - - - -
    SF Lamar Odom
    (LAL - SF,PF) SFPFUtilBN @GS 7:30 pm - - - - - - - - -
    PF Jermaine O'Neal
    (Ind - PF,C) PFCUtilBN Tor 4:00 pm - - - - - - - - -
    C Shaquille O'Neal
    (Mia - C) CUtilBN - - - - - - - - -
    Util Wally Szczerbiak
    (Sea - SG,SF) SGSFUtilBN @Min 5:00 pm - - - - - - - - -
    Util Matt Barnes
    (GS - SF) SFUtilBN LAL 7:30 pm - - - - - - - - -
    Util Luke Ridnour
    (Sea - PG) PGUtilBN @Min 5:00 pm - - - - - - - - -
    BN Tracy McGrady
    (Hou - SG,SF) SGSFUtilBN - - - - - - - - -
    BN Dwyane Wade
    (Mia - PG,SG) PGSGUtilBN - - - - - - - - -
    BN Elton Brand
    (LAC - PF,C) INJ PFCUtilBN @Mem 5:00 pm - - - - - - - - -
    BN Gilbert Arenas
    (Was - PG) INJ

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    • you got 2 players not playing that gives you 6-8 less games played per week

    • brand's killin it man! you aint gettin that many steals either

    • Okay, this isn't an insult. From looking at your team, it would appear that it would be much better than 15-38. But it's not. So what does that tell you? Something's not working right. Either you can wait it out and hope luck is on your side, or you can do what past winners in fantasy basketball have done and make a deal that will turn your season around on the dime.

      You've got big name players so it shouldn't be incredibly difficult to get a good deal in there. You've just got to learn to let those big name players go. That's the key. And good luck.

    • horrible man. play the waivers and dont waiste your time on injured brand.

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      • Ok i see that out of everyone here u listened to talk to the guys who said good things about ur team, i actually tried to improve ur team, he said u will be better when their healthy again which isnt when they come back because they can still play not being healthy so with that said when they are finally "healthy" it will be to late and u will not be able to overcome the defecit to get in the playoffs, how many teams in the league got to the playoffs? I dont see u being able to close the gap in time and get to the playoffs u see the other guy that has brand, and arenas are in 2nd like i said he can afford that because he is in 2nd and not in last, it is anybodys game once the playoffs come but u wont be their

    • dude i ll b honest, it s no wonder ur team is last but its not coz of talent, its coz of injuries. wade and jermaine may b back n shaq might b playing better but their absence in the first month has put u in a big hole and having arenas n brand hasnt helped u either, the thing is they ll help u in playoffs and ll make ur team really strong but how r u gonna reach the playoffs? u need immediate reinforcements to improve ur standing and having 2 of ur best players injured wont help, but at the same time nobody is going to give u worthwile players in exchenge of brand n gilbert which ll kill ur chances in playoffs, so i d say hang on to this bunch and just hope noone gets injured and u might just makei to the playoffs in the last place and from there on if u get all ur guys back u can make a run. just one piece of advice, dont expect shaq to put up 20/10/2 and dont expect marbury to put up 20/8 with 2 3 pts, they wont give u tht but u can certainly expect 16/8/2 and 15/6/1. just hang on to them, i m sure ur standing ll improve as wade and jermaine r back n rest r picking it up, but honestly uptil now there is no surprise tht u r last but again thts coz of the injuries more then anything else.

    • Hell ya, just give everyone time to get healthy and your team will improve greatly.

      Luck Dude

    • just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your advice.

      main things I'll consider doing

      keep tmac : the stats he puts up are much better than anything I might get in a trade for him. it will probably involve risking that he stays healthy.

      trade wade : great player but i could probably easily get another first round player for him but someone who rebounds and blocks more and scores less might lead to more wins for my team.

      i might consider trading tmac for bosh.
      I'll keep the rest of the guys because I don't think they've really played as well as they can. eventually their talent should translate into great stats.

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      • Wade is a great fantasy player, and the only reason you need to trade him, is that you will most likely get equal value for trading him.plus you don't need his points and ft% since your team already has lotsa scorers and shaq basically tanks your FT%, and if you want to improve on TO you should definitely trade his 8 turnovers just awhile ago! :D.

    • I wanna rate this team based on a scale of 1 to 5.
      5- superstar, 4 - high level player, 3 serviceable, 2 short term add, 1 waiver material

      Guards: pretty decent. you can live with your guards.
      PROS - +PT, CONS - -AST, -STL -3PT
      PG Stephon Marbury 3
      SG Dwyane Wade 5 (just because he's your first pick)
      G Matt Barnes 3

      Forwards: same as the guards. tmac only gets a 4 because he gets injured easily. same with odom. otherwise, they'd be +1 each.
      SF Tracy McGrady 4
      PF Lamar Odom 3
      F Kelenna Azubuike 3

      Centers: jermaine performed only lately. shaq has lost his AST (at least 3apg before), REB (10+rpg before), and PT (not even 20ppg), but still continues to give 2-3TO per game. plus his ever-wonderful 40% from the line. the only thing keeping him in your lineup is the lack of available centers.
      PROS: +FG +PT CONS: +TO -FT
      C Jermaine O'Neal 4
      C Shaquille O'Neal 2

      UTIL: Szczerbiak is serviceable for now. With Ridnour, you may want to look for other pickups. Pretty sure one of the following is available: quinn, gomes, s. williams, dudley, hayes, etc or someone better than those i have mentioned.

      Util Luke Ridnour 1
      Util Wally Szczerbiak 2

      BN: you're missing out 1 player. I don't want to talk about how good your team is supposed to be, coz both Arenas and Brand won't be back til Feb-Mar. Right now you just have to face the sad fact that your team will be 5-4 at best.
      BN Elton Brand
      BN Gilbert Arenas

      PROS: PT FG
      you have too many scorers.

      you lack a quality AST guy, although your forwards give some AST numbers that will keep you competitive. same goes with STL and 3PT, your forwards are the only reason that you're competitive in both, although szczerbiak will give you 3s inconsistently. Jermaine and Shaq will give you their share of blocks, but no help at all from the other guys. Shaq will outright kill you in the FT%

      No monster rebounders, although everyone is pretty decent in it. Other than Wade, I don't see any other TO machine.

      Since you're now stuck in a rut, and really don't have many options, you may opt to tank FT AST and STL so you can win in FG% PT REB BLK 3PT and TO. 3PT is the easiest category to pump up, so just pick up bombers from the waiver. Trade wade for a guard who scores less but rebounds and blocks.


      tank FT TO and BLK to win FG% PT REB AST STL and 3PT. get guys like andre miller eddy curry zach randolph and anyone that is bad overall for a low value so you can take certain categories. maybe a good PG will help your forwards in the AST dept as well.

    • sucks to be u...so many inguired guys

    • luke, arenas, brand, marbury is killing ur team drop or trade them

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