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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 14, 2007 1:55 AM Flag

    is this better than a 15-38 team ?

    Okay, this isn't an insult. From looking at your team, it would appear that it would be much better than 15-38. But it's not. So what does that tell you? Something's not working right. Either you can wait it out and hope luck is on your side, or you can do what past winners in fantasy basketball have done and make a deal that will turn your season around on the dime.

    You've got big name players so it shouldn't be incredibly difficult to get a good deal in there. You've just got to learn to let those big name players go. That's the key. And good luck.

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    • seriously man ur team would be much better if u try to deal wade for josh smith and another pretty good guy, and then T-mac for like marion, or manu and another good guy, or throw T-Mac and arenas to try to get marion and another good player, then u have 4 players that will put stats in all categories and not have that many TO


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