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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 14, 2007 1:02 AM Flag

    is this better than a 15-38 team ?

    dude i ll b honest, it s no wonder ur team is last but its not coz of talent, its coz of injuries. wade and jermaine may b back n shaq might b playing better but their absence in the first month has put u in a big hole and having arenas n brand hasnt helped u either, the thing is they ll help u in playoffs and ll make ur team really strong but how r u gonna reach the playoffs? u need immediate reinforcements to improve ur standing and having 2 of ur best players injured wont help, but at the same time nobody is going to give u worthwile players in exchenge of brand n gilbert which ll kill ur chances in playoffs, so i d say hang on to this bunch and just hope noone gets injured and u might just makei to the playoffs in the last place and from there on if u get all ur guys back u can make a run. just one piece of advice, dont expect shaq to put up 20/10/2 and dont expect marbury to put up 20/8 with 2 3 pts, they wont give u tht but u can certainly expect 16/8/2 and 15/6/1. just hang on to them, i m sure ur standing ll improve as wade and jermaine r back n rest r picking it up, but honestly uptil now there is no surprise tht u r last but again thts coz of the injuries more then anything else.


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